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The mould base is indispensable in the production of Household Product Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), so the performance of the mould for household products must be strict. Today, we will introduce some four conditions:

First, the wear resistance of mould for household products. Since the household product mould generate strong friction when used, the household product mould is easily broken due to wear problems. Hardness is an important factor affecting the wear resistance of household products. If the hardness of household moulds is relatively high, the impact of wear will be relatively small, and its wear resistance will be even better. In addition, the type of carbide in the material, as well as the shape and size, will affect its wear resistance.

Second, there is still a certain degree of toughness, because most of the places where household mould is used are relatively poor in the environment, and often have strong impact loads, which are prone to breakage, so household mould must have higher strength and toughness. The carbon content of the material, as well as the grain size and the state of the structure, affect its toughness.

Third, to have fatigue fracture resistance. When using a mould for a household product, it is often affected by cyclic stress and cracking often occurs. The impurities in the material, as well as its strength, hardness, etc., affect the fatigue fracture properties, so pay attention to these properties when using the moulds for household products.

Fourth, the household product mould formwork should also have good resistance to high temperature and corrosion, to ensure that the mould frame has good performance for long-term stable use, reducing the occurrence of accidents.

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