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With the development of the market, led street lights have gradually entered everyone's field of vision. However, if you want led street lights to completely replace other products in the same industry, there are still some problems. What are the specific problems? Here are some questions about the development of Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT).

One of the problems in the development of led street lights: professional production technology in the industry is an inevitable problem. led street lights have higher luminous efficiency than high-pressure sodium light, which is only due to the technical level. In the market, the led street light industry is currently at an early stage of development.

Furthermore, with the continuous accelerated development of the led era, enterprises gradually realize the importance of product quality and continue to develop towards high quality. The quality of products circulating in the overall market will be improved. The traditional high-pressure sodium light is simply composed of three parts: a bulb, a ballast, and a light shell. The bulb is one of the most easily broken parts, with a life of about 1-2 years. Even if it is broken, it is very convenient to replace, because it is a standardized product and can be replaced by any manufacturer's bulb.

The specifications of led street lights manufacturers are different from one manufacturer to another, and the same manufacturer needs to be found for later replacement or maintenance of products. From an indirect perspective, led street lights have become monopoly-bound products by enterprises. The nonstandard products are the biggest bottleneck in the road of LED street lights. The establishment of standardized standards has become an urgent need for industrial development.。

If the led street light solves the above problems, the high-pressure sodium light street light can fade out of the market. In theory, led street lights should be popularized faster than indoor lighting on roads. However, due to the inertia of road lighting popularization in the market and the above standardization problems, its popularization effect has not been as scheduled.

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