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With the acceleration of urbanization, LED street lights have already entered people's field of vision. Today, LED street lights are everywhere in the streets and streets of big cities. It is dotted with the night sky of the city. However, it still does not get the fullest use, because it has its own limitations. In order to ensure that LED street lights can play more roles in our lives, Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) should solve these problems in future research, production and promotion.

First: the shape and structure of the luminaire. The shape of traditional street light luminaires is basically the same, which is generally divided into two parts: light source and electric appliance. However, due to the speciality of LED light source and the different light distribution methods, the shape of LED street light luminaires can be described as numerous. Many of them cannot be shaped. To meet operational requirements, even some companies apply indoor streetlights to indoor streetlights.

Second: there is a problem with the connection between the LED light and the light post. At present, almost all LED street lights are fixed by screws, and few hoop bolts are fixed. Thus, there is a great hidden danger to the safe operation of the luminaire.

Third: the issue of replaceability of the luminaire components. LED street light components generally have LED chips, power supplies (drivers), and light housings. The vulnerable parts are mainly power supplies and chips. In general, the LED light chip is an electronic heatsink that cannot be replaced, and the power source (driver) can be replaced. However, many products are not convenient enough to replace the power source (driver), and replacement is time consuming.

As we all know, the life of LED lights can reach 30,000 to 50,000 hours. If the LED chip cannot be replaced, it means that replacing the entire fixture will also result in waste.

The fourth is the life of the power supply (driver). The power supply (driver) is a very critical component of current LED luminaires. But currently the market generally only guarantees the quality of the LED chip, and the life of the power supply (driver) is another matter. The general manufacturer promises to guarantee 2 years is not bad. This is ultimately because the development of LED street lights has encountered a new bottleneck - the quality of the power supply (driver) is not guaranteed, it restricts the development of LED street lights.

The power saving effect of LED street lights. In theory, power saving, but the actual application of LED street lights is not more energy-saving than high-pressure sodium lights. Under the premise of lighting quality standards, the high-efficiency sodium light high-power light (250~400W) has a luminous efficiency of 130~140 1m/W. The high-power LED street light uses 1W LED tube. In theory, its light efficiency is similar to that of high-pressure sodium light. However, considering the three factors of ballast loss, light efficiency and track utilization, considering the current energy efficiency of LED than high-pressure sodium light Lower. The low-power LED street light (≤150W) is 10% more energy efficient than the high-pressure sodium light.

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