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The large number of LED street lights in the current society has played a decisive role in the progress of lighting engineering. In particular, the energy saving and low carbon aspects of LED street lights have made important contributions to the society. Below we talk about LEDs in daily use. 10 things that Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) recommend should be noted.

1. LED street light power must be constant current

The characteristics of the lighting material of the LED street light determine its environmental impact. For example, if the temperature changes, the current of the LED will increase. In addition, the voltage of the LED will increase. If the long-term operation exceeds the rated current, the service life of the LED light bead will be greatly shortened. The constant current of the LED is also the value of the current that ensures its operation when the environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change.

2. LED street light power supply constant current accuracy

The constant current accuracy of some power supplies on the market is poor, the error may reach ±8%, and the constant current error is too large. The general requirement is ±3%. According to the 3% design. The production power supply should be fine-tuned to achieve ±3% error.

3. LED street light power supply operating voltage

The recommended operating voltage of general LED is 3.0-3.5V. After testing, most of the work is at 3.2V, so it is reasonable to calculate according to 3.2V. Total voltage of N light beads in series = 3.2*N

4. What is the most suitable working current for LED street light?

For example, the rated working current of LED is 350 mAh. Some factories use it at the beginning and design 350 mA. In fact, the working heat is very serious at this current. After many comparison tests, it is ideal to design 320 mA. . Minimize heat and turn more electrical energy into visible light.

5. How wide is the series and parallel connection of the LED street light power supply board and the wide voltage?

In order to make the LED street light power supply work in the wide range of input voltage range AC85-265V, the LED series-parallel connection of the light board is very important. Try not to use a wide voltage, can be divided into AC220V, AC110V as much as possible to classify, in order to ensure power supply reliability.

6. Isolated / non-isolated

Generally, if the isolated power supply is made of 15W, it is placed in the LED street light power supply tube. The transformer is large in size and difficult to put in. Mainly depends on the specific structure of the space, the isolation can only be achieved 15W, less than 15W, and the price is very expensive.

7. How can LED street light power supply match the light bead?

In fact, choose the best string parallel connection method, the voltage and current applied to each LED are the same, and the power supply can achieve the best performance. The best way is to first communicate with the power supply manufacturer and tailor it. Or self-produced power.

8. LED street light power efficiency

This parameter is especially important for input power minus output power. The higher the value, the lower the efficiency. This means that a large part of the input power is converted into heat. If it is installed in the light, it will produce a very high temperature. Together with the heat generated by one of our LEDs, it will superimpose to produce a higher temperature.

9. LED street light source cooling

The main factor of the heat dissipation scheme is that the LED street light bead can be used for extended life under the hot condition, and the aluminum alloy is generally used, which is more convenient for heat dissipation. That is, the LED street light power bead is attached to the aluminum substrate, and the external heat dissipation area is maximized.

10. LED street light power supply cooling

The main factor of heat dissipation is that LED street light power beads can greatly extend the life when used under hot conditions. Generally, aluminum alloy heat sinks are used to make heat dissipation easier. That is, the LED street light power bead is attached to the aluminum substrate, and the external heat dissipation area is maximized.

The above ten major issues for us to analyze the attention points of LED street lights in detail, reasonable use will improve the service life of LED street lights, reduce production costs, I believe that anyone will be very interested.

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