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The solution to the problem of LED street light heat source should be based on the material and composition of the light, and solve the problem of high-power LED heat source from the inside out. When the light-emitting component is bonded to the aluminum substrate, the thermal conductive adhesive plays a key role. Some Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) think that the thermal conductivity film or the thermal conductive rubber pad has a good thermal conductivity, and the thicker the film thickness, the better, but does not want the thermal resistance problem. The thermal conductivity is good, and the thermal resistance of the film thickness is useless. Moreover, the thermal conductive film or the soft thermal conductive gasket does not really adhere to the substrate, and there are actually many voids in the bonding surface.

The thermal resistance should be low to use the thermal conductive adhesive. It is recommended to use the soft ceramic thermal conductive adhesive for screen printing. The soft ceramic thermal conductive adhesive of screen printing is different from the traditional laminated thermal conductive adhesive film. The soft ceramic thermal conductive adhesive is soft semi-liquid. When the screen printing machine blade is coated on the aluminum substrate, the thermal conductive particles will penetrate into the pores of the substrate surface and Fill it up to full.

In the external protection of LED lights, LED lights and soft ceramic heat-dissipating paints are recommended. The spray-type soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint can be directly sprayed on the outside of the LED light, and the construction operation is simple, and can be adapted to various shapes of heat-dissipating structures, and can also be adjusted to different colors, in response to the needs of landscape design. The soft ceramic particles in the spray-type heat-dissipating paint are subjected to nano-treatment, and the fine particles are not only easy to be sprayed, but also the heat-conducting particles on the same coating area are dense and dense, and the area oftemperature volatilization is also increased. Let the heat of the LED luminaire be quickly conducted out.

The cost structure of LED street lights has been continuously improved with the development of packaging technology, carrier board design and heat dissipation module structure, and the cost has also decreased with the development of technology and market demand. However, there are not many manufacturers investing in material improvement, which is mainly related to the history and habits of Taiwan's industrial and commercial development. Taiwanese manufacturers are more prone to process and design, and have less ink on material development. Therefore, in the issue of solving technical problems or reducing costs, it is more biased towards purchasing thinking or management thinking.

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