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With the increasing functional requirements for public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT), the development of public lighting intelligence is changing with each passing day. The technical core of luminaire intelligentization is realized by intelligent control system on the one hand; on the other hand, the quality control and technical innovation of the light source can ensure the realization of relevant intelligent functions under the condition that the volume and quality of the light source are unchanged.

The intelligentization of public lighting can save resources and create a comfortable atmosphere with a sense of three-dimensionality and layering, which is conducive to people's physical and mental health. With the further demand for spiritual and material civilization, intelligent public lighting products will become the darling of the market and will be widely used everywhere.

In terms of channels, the main procurement of LED public lighting products is still municipal engineering in various places. Compared with other lighting product sales channels, public lighting channels are more specific, mostly invisible channels. This method plays a big role in the sales, brand promotion and promotion of public lighting enterprise products. It is understood that the government procurement model does not include the government's daily demand for fixed asset investment construction procurement projects into the engineering business category, but only the special procurement of LED public lighting products.

Public lighting companies also need to meet a number of qualification requirements to become a government procurement lighting supplier. The inspection of the qualifications of the municipal management department is mainly reflected in its own business philosophy, service awareness, and operation process. The quality information can be obtained through the analysis of the quality of its products and the investigation of the completed projects. From the price-oriented in the early years, the market is raging to the current strict quality control issues, the market is rational and cautious, which is important for the future direction of public lighting.

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