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Many companies are optimistic about the development of Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT), especially the obvious energy-saving advantages of semiconductor outdoor lighting. In the past two years, many companies that have been rushing to the top, under the characteristics of semiconductor road lighting production, have simulated, counterfeit, and made a variety of "snakeheads" in the shape of today's conventional lighting street lamps. At one time, "a hundred schools of thought contend, flowers bloom." The products have been introduced to the market. After two years of testing on the road, most of the products have different levels of problems.

1. Due to the lack of understanding of the requirements of LED public lighting working conditions, the light attenuation is severe and even deadlights.

2. Insufficient perception of road lighting requirements, scientific point light source optical light distribution difficulties and neglect of the importance of color temperature in road lighting, easy to cause glare, zebra effect and in the environment of serious air pollution, rain and foggy weather, The phenomenon that the light is not bright enough on the ground.

3. Insufficient awareness of the working conditions of the LED and the technicality of the power supply, resulting in endless product failures on the power supply.

4. The application concept of today's LED public lighting practical road is unclear. Blind and high-power gas discharge lamps are “comparable” to produce super-high-power LED public lighting regardless of cost, which makes it difficult to promote unrealistic and expensive street lamp products.

5. The requirements for road lighting are vague, and the actual use and maintenance are not considered, resulting in the direct use of the owner's boycott.

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