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In 2015, under the background of declining revenue of lighting enterprises, intensified competition in the industry and severe impact on the real economy, Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) faced many challenges in innovation. With the gradual maturity of LED, the pull of government demonstration projects and the rise of specialized stores, outdoor lights are the earliest segments of LED lighting products to enter the application field and are truly "invisible champions".

Whether it is outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, or government projects, outdoor commercial lighting, the rapid development of outdoor lighting in recent years is obvious to all. However, in the past two years, the "quality door" that LED outdoor lighting broke out in practice has also brought the industry back to reason.

The rapid development of urbanization in China and the continuous increase in energy conservation and emission reduction have provided a huge potential market for the future development of LED street lights. With the development of domestic LED lighting industry for many years, the quality of LED energy-saving products has entered a new stage. In this year's government work report, strong signals to support environmental protection and energy-saving products were also elaborated. LED outdoor lighting has become the main force in energy-saving transformation.

Among outdoor lights, street lights have the greatest development potential. According to relevant statistics, in 2012, the usage of LED street lights in China was about 5 million, up 44.09% from the previous year, accounting for 14% of the total usage. In 2013, the domestic market penetration rate of LED street lights reached more than 15%, becoming the most representative lights for LED lighting promotion and application in China.

Some experts said that LED street lights will still maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 50% until 2015. In 2015, the overall penetration rate of LED lights in road lighting will reach 46%, and more than 30 million LED street lights and tunnel lights will be added in the next two years. These favorable expectations have brought greater development potential to LED street lights.

Outdoor lighting products have not attracted as much attention as indoor lighting for a long time. However, its extensive use still determines its incomparable sales scale and is a well-deserved invisible sales champion. Since entering the industry as a separate category of lights in the 1990s, the category, technology and application range of outdoor lights have been continuously expanded and upgraded, and their applications have become increasingly extensive. The demand range has increased geometrically.

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