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Now people can't live without lights. The world without lights at night is dark, so it is necessary to buy lights to illuminate. LED street lights occupy first place in the field of lights. How to choose a good Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT)?

1. It is not an easy problem for engineering merchants to choose a suitable LED street lights manufacturers. If it is a low-priced light, we must make more comparisons before making choices, otherwise, there may be mistakes in quality.

2. In addition to some brand agents, LED street lights manufacturers have their own brands, which gives customers who want to wholesale more market space for their own brands.

3. LED street lights manufacturers are not only for lighting, the basic lighting can meet all the traditional modern light sources. What we pay more attention to is whether it is green and environmentally friendly, and the life span is 60% longer than that of ordinary lights.

4. Everyone thinks that the higher the color temperature of LED street lights, the higher the luminous efficiency, and the brighter the room looks, but in fact, the lower the color temperature, the more comfortable the eyes look and the lower the relative power consumption.

5. If the LED street light is used improperly, the eyes will be dizzy, thus causing damage to the eyes.

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