It's been enlightening seeing how well from David Bloom's blog

No more of these piddling fans of only a few points or building wow classic gold to grind up your level and selling them to sellers for a pittance. You high enough to get the special mats you need along with the travel improvements that come along with finding the master coaches. Additionally, the stuff you're making is helpful not only is it handy for your own adventures, but gamers are willing to pay a few gold pieces to your services and products to you. You might have that level 40 mount, but that epic one is 20 levels off, so better to start saving.

If you've been following Blizzard news you might be forgiven for thinking that the firm had bulldozed its meticulously enlarged World of Warcraft and substituted it with the township of Warcraft Classic.

WoW Classic strips the 15-year-old fantasy MMO to the bone, but in doing so, World of Warcraft executive producer John Hight and mature game designer Johnny Cash (yes, that is his real name) feel as though it has revealed some essential truths about the string' systems. Hight has been particularly inspired by the way Classic facilitates bonds and collaboration among gamers.

"It's been enlightening seeing how well individuals play together, even in the face of--there is no rules," he informed Kotaku through an interview in BlizzCon. "You can just get in front of everyone to buy classic gold wow, click on the box, and run away. And you find since everybody is being polite with each other, this queue forming. That network --I will help you out in the event that you help me out--that's resonant in Classic has shown us that you do not have to beat people over the head to get them to understand things. It's best when they speak to each other and help each other out. Just a tiny bit of sophistication is OK, a tiny bit of friction is OK as long as you have a good social system to support that."

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