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As you can envision, when each cast of your aptitude is ricocheting near and hitting up to 11 unique adversaries, the DPS can include rather rapidly www.lolga.com. Recollect that the DPS reflected in the tooltip isn't disclosing to you the entire story (as is frequently the situation with most tooltip DPS, on most capacities, in many games). The tooltip DPS is for every individual foe hit, so you would need to duplicate the tooltip number by anyway numerous foes you are hitting on the double with the capacity so as to get a progressively precise read on your DPS. 

Stun is a lightning-based status affliction POE Currency. Stun builds an adversaries harm taken by up to half for a measure of time dependent on the measure of lightning harm managed by the player. The Arc ability gives an innate 10% opportunity to stun any foes hit by it. So as to support this sum, utilize the correct mix of charms and other PoE things. 

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