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The only real drawback is that Blizzard has confirmed it plans to limit how frequently WOW players may enter Torghast each week. It is logical, thinking about Torghast is the way WOW players can earn strong Legendary items, but it is a terrible idea--random limits similar to wow classic gold this sap a great deal of the pleasure out of other similar pursuits. 

WOW players are already begging Blizzard to simply cap the rewards out of Torghast and allow them to research it as many times as they'd like, which I'd much prefer. Blizzard seems extra proactive about responding to player feedback in the Shadowlands alpha test so far, so I'm positive it'll listen.

Normally I'm apprehensive about playing wow classic gold's test servers since none of that advancement carries over. But my period in Torghast was so much fun I have happily sunk several hours into it in the last week, and I am itching to return. Torghast stands outside, while there is a lot about Shadowlands that seems promising. It's such an enjoyable and smart departure from the standard WoW formula that I hope it will become a permanent fixture in Azeroth.

wow classic gold GM Kills Party for Exploring Places

While the official launch of gold in wow classic: Shadowlands is not scheduled until after this season, WOW players in the alpha and beta of WOW Classic have been exploring the areas of the growth they have access to thoroughly. Already details for WOW class updates have been found by dataminers, and this is far from the only info discovered by WOW players.

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