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In the process of rice whitening, attention should be paid to the two main adjustments to the Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) machine: one is the adjustment of the rice knife. Mainly to adjust the white gap between the rice knife and the drum. If the gap is large, the whitening chamber pressure is small, the white friction of the rice in the rice whitener machine is weak, the rice cannot be refined, the rice is not white, but the rice yield is high. The gap between the knife rolls should not be smaller than the transverse diameter of the rice. Otherwise, the rice is easily broken and the gap should not be larger than the longitudinal diameter of the rice, otherwise the rice is rough. Therefore, the gap between the rice and the knife should be chosen between the vertical and horizontal diameters of the rice. Practice has shown that the gap of the rice knife should be slightly inclined, that is, slightly larger near the end of the exit gate, in order to make the polished rice more complete. Adjustment of the export knife. When the imported knives are opened, the outlet knives are opened smaller, the more particles in the whitening room, the greater the pressure, the whiter the rice, but the more pure rice; otherwise, if the imported knives are opened smaller, the exit The bigger the knife is opened, the less the rice is stored in the whitening room, the pressure is reduced, and the rice is rougher. According to the difference between the above-mentioned rice knife and the pressure and friction of the whitening chamber, the high quality rice can be adjusted and operated as follows.

In the rice whitener machine manufacturing process, there are many parts, such as other mechanical equipment, composed of multiple parts. Since the development of the domestic steel industry is relatively stable, the steel mill will not be lost in the production process, and it can be supplied in time. If the product is used for a long time, it will affect the whiteness of the rice, and it can be adjusted to the grinding wheel and br built-in steel bran. This sample is the best, the rice produced is good, and the equipment is also professionally produced.

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