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In recent years, in some agricultural or advanced manufacturing related exhibitions, there are always some such machines - they look like a cabinet that stands up, and the interface is like a bank cash machine. The result is passed. Scanning code payment and other means to buy rice, the rice produced by this machine often carries a faint rice fragrance, giving a very comfortable feeling. This machine, which seems to be full of high-tech, is called a smart Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG). It is a machine used to mill rice for sale.

The intelligent paddy separator is another new attempt to apply technology to life. The process of rice milling and rice sales is connected through the Internet of Things, so that everyone can eat fresh and milled rice at home, and solve rice sales. Many problems in production. Because the intelligent paddy separator is now selling the rice, the rice that is now being milled has more nutrients than the bagged refined rice. Compared with the higher safety of bulk rice, it has accumulated a lot of popularity.

The intelligent paddy separator industry has not developed for a long time, but it has now been applied to many aspects of daily life. Intelligent paddy separators are generally used in places with large populations. The most common ones are placed in the community for people who live in the community to make daily purchases. The intelligent paddy separator placed in the community is generally larger in size, and the rice capacity in the barn is also larger to meet the demand for more people in the community. Generally, it only takes about half a day to check the amount of grain in the barn and the amount of rice bran bag. Add the rice in time, clean the fuselage every day, check whether the equipment is faulty, and it can run well, saving time and time. Peace of mind.

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