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When using Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG), you should pay attention to safety and prevent mechanical damage. This machine uses 220V voltage, the frequency is 50HZ, the power is 1.5~2.2 kW. It is very important to check whether the power supply meets the mechanical use standard and has a reliable grounding wire when using. Do not extend your hand into the rotating part after the machine is turned on to avoid hand bruising. When feeding, the rice to be processed should be screened to remove foreign matter such as weeds, stones, metals, etc., otherwise it will easily damage the machine.

Before the new paddy husker machine is used, the gear box must be removed from the air venting cap. Fill the oil hole with 150# or 200# industrial gear oil, about 0.5 kg, and the height of the oil should reach the oil level. Adjust the gap between the rubber rollers, the rolling distance should be about 0.5~0.6 mm. The method is to loosen the locking hand first, rotate the pitching first wheel clockwise, so that the slow roller leaves the fast roller, and then insert the rolling distance template into the fast and slow roller. Between the two, turn the handwheel counterclockwise to make the slow roller approach the fast roller. When the rolling distance model is just free to pull out and rubs against the rubber roller, the gap is adjusted. Finally, the steering handle is pressed with the locking handle tight.

The above is the safety precautions that should be paid attention to when using the paddy husker machine. When you use it, follow the instructions.

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