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For Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) equipment, it is actually a very strong equipment with high flexibility and flexibility, which can effectively guarantee the requirements of processing materials, from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing. To the millet grading bagging and distribution, all of them realize automatic and continuous operation, the process is smooth, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. In order to let everyone better understand the rice polisher equipment, let's introduce the system to you.

Performance advantages of rice polisher equipment:

1. The higher the production efficiency, the better. The rice polisher equipment has high flexibility and flexibility. It can effectively guarantee the standardization and standardization according to the requirements of the materials to be processed, and meet the requirements of product quality.

2. The faults that occur during the production process of rice polisher equipment should be quickly eliminated, and the equipment has an automatic identification function.

3. The packaging process of rice polisher equipment should realize green packaging to ensure the safety and hygiene of raw material production and production process. Realizing the automation of rice polisher equipment, especially the realization of highly flexible automatic packaging lines, not only reflects the development direction of modern production, but also enables enterprises to obtain huge economic benefits.

4. Advanced technology, rice processing equipment uses a new process of first shelling and light grinding, completely solved the problem of hard milling with shells in the traditional process, easy to crush and uneven milling.

5. Advanced equipment, the complete set of equipment is equipped with our company's efficient cleaning equipment, high-efficiency shelling equipment, new grinding equipment and our company's self-developed millet efficient grading equipment, these new technologies and equipment applications, so that the equipment has a meter The rate is high, the broken rice rate is low and the finished rice is bright and bright.

6. The process is perfect, rice polisher equipment from the original grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to millet grading bagging, distribution and all of the automatic continuous operation, smooth process, convenient operation and maintenance.

7. Low energy consumption, rice polisher equipment avoids the traditional high-energy equipment, all adopt new energy-saving equipment, the unit energy consumption is very small.

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