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Recreational clubs and tourist hotels created by expandable container house. The roof panel is made of outer glass fiber reinforced plastic + steel skeleton + inner glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is equipped with ventilation systems such as water and electricity lines, doors and windows, reception rooms, accommodation rooms, toilets, etc. Its functional layout, convenience of use and high comfort level reflect its unique style of freedom and creativity.

Some scholars have urged the government to issue supporting policies for container houses, and the development momentum of container houses has expanded intentionally or unintentionally. In fact, on the other hand, container houses also have more advantages and functions than traditional buildings do. Such as hotels, resorts, vacation villas, motels, restrooms, cafes, convenience stores, rest kiosks, etc.

Compared with brick-concrete buildings, container buildings use 1 / 30 of the water for construction and 1 / 50 of the concrete loss. Reduce construction waste and decoration waste by about 99%, reduce concrete usage by about 9,800 cubic meters, reduce construction water consumption by about 1,450 tons, and reduce construction waste by about 495 tons. The recovery rate of building materials is 70% higher than that of traditional buildings, the construction period is shortened by about 50%, and the overall energy saving is about 50% compared with brick-concrete buildings.

In addition, the 50mm rock wool board used in the container house is twice as good as the 250mm brick-concrete wall used in the traditional brick-concrete structure house.

However, in China, the real situation of container house development is that the market is actively leading and the policy is slowly lagging behind. Compared with the market expansion worries of " developers" of container houses, the lack of relevant policies is even more worrying. The MiG shelter in the container house was built like a duck to water abroad. In China, it is quite perceptive to realize that " no matter how good the seed is, we must find the right soil."

As a new housing model, container houses and mobile houses are more like awkward intruders in the domestic housing market. " At present, the relatively mature applications in the Chinese market are mainly concentrated in some special industries, such as meteorological monitoring, polar exploration, oil exploration, military facilities and other field logistics systems." Ma Enbo, general manager of the MiG shelter, said.

However, it is almost impossible for container houses to be used and constructed in large quantities as housing. " This is mainly limited by the issue of land use rights." " Without the right to use the land, it may be built today and hoisted away tomorrow."

With the convenience and mobility of container houses and composite houses, it seems that they are more suitable for tourism, a market where people flow frequently. Because if you want to build a building in the scenic area that has the least damage to the environment, the most creative features and the most flexibility, the container house is perfect.

In the United States, major mobile home manufacturers launch a batch of mobile homes every year in response to market demand, often in short supply. These precedents have made more people see the feasibility of such building methods. In China, where house prices are soaring and construction pollution is becoming more and more serious, the emergence of container houses will create new possibilities for improving the living environment and create value for people's new green lifestyle.

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