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There are various types of fabricated buildings, which can be flexibly selected according to different building requirements.

1. Block building: Prefabricated building with prefabricated block materials to build walls is suitable for building 3 - 5 - storey buildings. Of course, if the strength of the block is increased or reinforced, the number of storeys can be increased appropriately, but only low-rise buildings can be built. However, it has the advantages of simple production process, simple construction and low cost, can also use local materials and industrial waste, and is the first choice for small self-built houses.

2. Plate building: It is made up of prefabricated large internal and external wallboards, floor slabs, roof slabs and other plates, also known as large plate building. It can effectively reduce the weight of the structure, improve labor productivity, expand the use area of buildings and shockproof function, and is the main type of prefabricated buildings.

Wallboard is divided into load-bearing wallboard and decorative wallboard. Load - bearing wallboard is mostly reinforced concrete board. Decorative wallboard such as exterior wall board is mostly reinforced concrete composite board with thermal insulation layer, and special steel-wood thermal insulation composite board and other wallboard with exterior finish. All kinds of plates can be loaded after being assembled, with fast construction speed and low construction price.

3. Box - type building: It is an assembled building developed on the basis of plate building. The biggest feature is that all the room units or small-room kitchens, bathrooms or stairwells are constructed into load-bearing boxes, which are then integrated with wall panels and floors. This kind of building has a higher degree of industrialization and faster installation on site. It can not only complete the structural parts of the box in the factory, but also complete the internal decoration and equipment. Even furniture and carpets can be completed completely. The pipeline can be hoisted and connected on site.

There is even an assembled building called a movable house. Each unit of the house is like a large trailer, which can be used as long as it is pulled to the scene by a special car, then hoisted to the floor cushion block by a crane and connected to the embedded water channel, power supply, telephone system, etc. In addition, there are heating, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and other facilities inside, which can not only be a single house, but also be connected with each other to form a whole house.

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