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Many light steel factory companies operate steel structure warehouse, light steel villa house, expandable container house, movable plank house, metal guardrail, etc. To be a light steel factory company, we should put the construction quality first, improve the anti-seismic level, build anti-seismic residential houses, and ensure that the people in the disaster areas have a place to live and a place to live.

According to relevant data, the number of damages and cracks in light steel factory buildings found injured after major earthquakes at home and abroad is far less than that in concrete frame buildings.

1. Advantages of low energy consumption: light steel plant installation site has less wet operation, avoids firing of cement raw materials, and building materials can be recycled. Parts are prefabricated in factory and spliced on site, which occupies less land resources and has less impact on the surroundings. The installation process is more energy-saving than concrete frame, and is a healthy building.

2. The scope of action and main features of light steel structure: light steel structure has a wide range of uses and obvious advantages, and has been widely used in single-storey industrial plants, multi-storey industrial plants, office buildings and non-load-bearing parts in high-rise buildings. The development of light steel building research institutions has been piloted in various parts of China, which is an important orientation of light steel development.

3. Safety is our most basic restriction on houses. Earthquake - resistant houses are required for reconstruction in disaster areas. Earthquakes occur frequently throughout the country. Earthquake - resistant houses are also required in most regions. We all know that Foshan's movable house has a high level of mechanization and industrialization of structural parts, and its commercialization is also high. Light steel factory building is a kind of movable house and naturally has this condition.

Due to its characteristics of large span, easy to use separately in large places, high installation efficiency and shock-proof advantages, it is bound to have a great impact on China's traditional building structure mode.

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