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Unless an alternative surface treatment is required, all of the Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) surfaces should be highly polished in terms of drawing for cavity and punching. Gate bushings and runners should also be highly polished by flow to aid in the streamlined flow of the polymer and prevent these trends from "bounce."

Chrome plating can be used to improve hardness and corrosion resistance and to improve the release of moulded parts. The degree of finishing depends to a large extent on the amount of polishing before placement. Plating will never improve the surface, it will only add to the bad surface.

Use very corrosive materials such as PVC and certain types of thermoplastic rubber. Stainless steel is often used to combat corrosion. Unfortunately, even the best stainless steel alloys contain impurities and localized iron (iron) regions. These will soon be corroded by corrosive materials, causing pitting on the surface of the steel. With long-running tools, it is recommended to use a cavity area made of stainless steel to prevent this possibility. If a lion stainless steel mould is to be used to mould the corrosive material, the moulding surface must be chrome-plated and the remainder of the tool chrome-plated to protect it.

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