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In the stamping process, if the Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) strength design is insufficient or the force is not uniform, the mould orientation is poor, there is foreign matter between the tilt or the template, and the mould clamping is not flexible or even stuck. At this point, it is necessary to stop production, find out the cause of the card, and eliminate the malfunction. Otherwise, the fault will expand and the air cooler mould will be damaged.

Whether the metal stamping die manufacturing material and its heat treatment process are suitable, has a great influence on the quality of the air cooler mould. If the quenching temperature of the stamping die is too high, the quenching method and time are unreasonable, the number of tempering and the temperature are not suitable, and the elbow of the elbow is not suitable. Improper selection will cause the mould to damage the mould after entering the stamping process and damage the quality of the metal stamping.

In the process of air cooler mould processing, if the foreign matter enters the stamping die, the parts overlap, the waste is clogged, etc., but the mould is still in use, it is easy to cause the punching plate, the punch, the lower template and the mould guide column to be damaged.

When the size or depth of the air cooler mould blank hole is insufficient, it is easy to block the groove and cause damage to the punching plate. If the spring force design is too small or the height is not equal, the spring will break and the baffle will tilt, resulting in overlapping stamping and component damage. Incorrect fixing of the punch or insufficient strength of the screw can cause the punch to fall or rupture and damage the air cooler mould.

When using an air cooler mould, the position and orientation of the part are not installed correctly or the bolts are not fixed. If the working height is adjusted too low, the guide column is not sufficiently lubricated, the feeding equipment is faulty, the press is abnormal, etc., the stamping die may be damaged.

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