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Manufacturing managers are always looking for new ways to improve operational efficiency. In a word, if every dollar invested in a production facility produces multiple dollars of output, the manager will prove his quality. Transforming the lighting system of an existing manufacturing facility into public lighting is a straightforward and simple way to achieve these output multiples.

Employees always like to work in a well-lit environment, which gives them the opportunity to see fine details and color contrasts on the work surface and materials. Industrial public lighting(CLASSIC) can be adjusted to produce light with brighter tones and higher color temperatures. These tonal and color temperatures include blue wavelengths that have been shown to increase alertness and, by extension, increase productivity and safety in manufacturing environments. In addition, industrial public lighting better replicates the perfect color rendering index provided by natural sunlight, which is the best illumination to distinguish between fine contrast and color. Some workplace studies have confirmed that increased alertness and visibility translate directly into better manufacturing quality and higher productivity.

These potential manufacturing productivity gains are not just theoretical or speculation. Objective research on manufacturing facilities that have been retrofitted with lighting has shown that new industrial public lighting systems can increase productivity by 6% to 11%. Detailed analysis in these studies suggests that public lighting allows manufacturers workers to be more alert and react faster, while reducing fatigue.

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