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Better Solar Lighting Results Buying a Solar led street light(CLASSIC) system for any application is a daunting task. There are many choices and decisions that can make you easily lost in the specification. Regardless of the application, you can take three simple steps to ensure that your system achieves at least good results.

Step 1

Use LED luminaires that provide high lumen output per watt. This information can be found in any spec sheet, if it is not correct, please request it. High wattage LED fixtures don't mean it provides bright illumination; it all depends on the lumens provided by the LEDs. Knowing the available lumens/watts of LEDs can help you determine which fixtures provide the light you need. For more information on the differences between Watts and Lumens, check out Wattage and Lumens: Learn about the differences in better lighting.

Step 2

Make sure your solar system provides enough power during the day and provides plenty of backup storage. The solar LED street light system should always be designed for the worst case, because if you use more than your input, the system will start to malfunction. Adjusting the system size during the summer and even the average annual sunshine does not ensure that your system is running for a short period of time and at night. Make sure your system always provides about 20% of your power generation, and you can enjoy at least 5 nights of autonomy in inclement weather. This ensures that your system is up and running, even in bad weather.

Step 3

Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully and install the sun-free south facing site. Reading the installation manual before starting the installation will allow you to decide if you have everything you need and remind you of any special needs of the system. There can also be tags on the system that point to what you need. Finally, make sure the system faces directly south and there are no shadows on the solar panels throughout the day, which will ensure that the solar lighting system will stand the test of time. If there are trees nearby, make sure they are trimmed very well.

Following these three simple steps will ensure that your solar lighting system delivers the best results.

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