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Maybe you want to be a green company, or you want to reduce costs or both. There are several ways to complete the transformation of Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) and accomplish two goals.

The first solar LED street light retrofit system is a grid-connected system. Installing solar panels on the existing poles to supply power to the power grid during the day and using the power grid at night will help offset some costs and provide a green alternative. Depending on how much energy you generate in a day, the installation size of the solar panel is determined. Work with the local power contractor to decide what you need, and work with the local power company to install a special device to track your power generation. In addition, please make sure to switch to energy-saving LED light to save costs to the greatest extent.

The second kind of solar LED street light renovation is to completely disconnect the system from the power grid by installing and turning off the solar LED street light. These systems charge the battery pack during the day and power the lights at night. The solar panel module is used as a photocell to turn on and off the light, usually providing five nights of autonomy. The purchase cost of this device is higher, but it can provide free energy for the life of the system, usually for 30 years or more, and replace the battery every five to seven years.

The third type uses a backup battery system, which allows you to generate electricity for the battery, usually with smaller battery components than a completely off-grid system, and to transfer excess power to the grid. The battery can run at night for a set period of time and then be connected to the power grid for the rest of the time, or it can only be used when there is a power failure in this area. This is a good idea for regions without reliable grid energy. This arrangement can also be used with larger backup batteries and trickle chargers to provide multi-day storage like off-grid systems, but can only be activated when the grid is interrupted.

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