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At present, the quality level of LED street lights on the market is uneven. In many places, LED street lights will not appear brightly soon. After the research of the Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT), the root cause of this phenomenon is that the LED street light has poor heat dissipation performance. When the heat dissipation performance is poor, the internal temperature of the LED light will be too high. When the LED temperature rises, its junction resistance decreases, resulting in a decrease in the turn-on voltage.

Under the same voltage conditions, the internal temperature rise of the LED light will increase the LED current. The increase in current causes the temperature to rise further, which causes the bad cycle to burn the LED chip. Moreover, the internal temperature of the LED street light is too high, which also causes the light decay of the LED chip to be intensified, so that it will lead to a bright and not bright phenomenon in the near future. So what is the reason for the poor heat dissipation performance of LED street light?

First, the quality of LED street lights themselves.

The LED chip used has poor thermal conductivity, and the temperature of the LED die is not transmitted to the surface (internal heat and cold). Even if a heat sink is added, the internal heat cannot be completely dissipated, and then the LED street light is not internally heated.

Second, the temperature rise caused by the LED street light power supply.

LED street light power quality is not good. When the LED is turned on, the non-linearity of the power supply and the weak change of the power supply will cause the current through the LED chip to increase, which will cause the internal temperature to be too high, which will affect the heat dissipation performance of the LED street light.

Everyone needs to pay attention to the longevity of LED street lights. When purchasing, try to choose reliable LED street lights manufacturers, and also pay attention to regular maintenance, so as to ensure the stability of LED street lights.

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