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1. Check if the plastic material in the barrel is correct and whether it is baked according to the regulations.

2. The cleaning of the material pipe should be thorough, in order to prevent the inferior compound or miscellaneous material from being injected into the Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD).

3. Adjust the pressure and the amount of injection to produce a finished product with satisfactory appearance.

4. Be patient and wait until the conditions of the machine and chair mould are stable.

5. The advancement time of the screw should not be shorter than the time when the plastic of the gate is solidified, otherwise, the weight of the finished product will decrease and the performance of the finished product will be damaged.

6. Run the newly transferred conditions for at least 30 minutes to stabilize, and then at least continuously produce a dozen full-mode samples, mark the date and quantity on the holder, and place them separately according to the cavity to test the stability of the operation. And derive reasonable control tolerances.

7. Compare the dimensions of each chair mould sample. Note:

(a) Whether the size is stable.

(b) Is there a tendency for certain dimensions to increase or decrease to indicate that machine processing conditions are still changing, such as poor temperature control or oil pressure control.

(c) Whether the change in size is within the tolerance range.

8. If the finished product size does not change and the processing conditions are normal, it is necessary to observe whether the quality of each finished product of the cavity is acceptable, and the size can be within the tolerance. Make a note of the number of holes that are continuous or large or smaller than the average to check if the size of the chair mould is correct.

At present, the mould temperature is often neglected during the test of the factory, and the temperature of the chair mould is the most difficult to grasp during the short-term test and future mass production. The incorrect chair mould temperature is enough to affect the size, brightness, shrinkage, flow pattern and material of the sample. And soon, if you do not use the mould temperature controller to hold the mass production in the future, it may be difficult.

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