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As far as the current solar LED street light market is concerned, the development of enterprises is facing more and more competitive pressures. If in the e-commerce market, the development of enterprises can achieve a win-win situation, then the way of joint development can also make more for enterprises. There are many market opportunities. Therefore, in the unstoppable situation of e-commerce, solar LED street light enterprises can only be eliminated in the torrent of competition if they seize the opportunity of joint development.

Since the solar LED street light can be intelligently controlled, the power can be automatically adjusted according to requirements at different time periods, so the use area and rated power are different.

In the news marketing strategy of solar Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC), we should adhere to such a route: fully mobilize enterprise resources, thorough product knowledge, solar LED street light manufacturers technical knowledge, solar LED street light manufacturers to buy common sense, knowledge and fashion trends, trends, building materials, etc. The knowledge spread to meet the consumer's desire for knowledge, to stimulate their potential needs, to form the interaction of enterprises, products, brands and consumer demand, solar LED street light manufacturers and consumers to establish a good relationship, both to drive sales, but also bring good Social value, dissemination of new technologies and new products, new life knowledge.

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