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Xinyu Enamelled Wire is popularly called magnet wire because these wires are coated with an insulation layer. The enamelled copper wire finds extensive use in the making of motors, inductor, hard-disk head actuators, and a variety of applications which demand tight coiling of insulated wires. Both aluminum and copper wires may be enameled when used for machines like transformers and motors. This insulation is provided with a thin varnish layer which is referred to as the enamel.

The reason behind using the enameled copper wire is to avoid the surface of the wires from being caught in any short circuit when it has been wound into coils. This explains why it is frequently used for building electromagnets, inductors, transformers and motors. The wires can also be soldered to make manufacturing of the inductive components easier. The magnet wires generate electromagnetic fields when they are wound to form coils and these are then reenergized.

Transformer Copper Foil

The magnet wire finds use in many areas, the key ones being for the conversion of electrical to mechanical energy, for electrical-to-electrical energy conversion and for mechanical to electrical transformations. When you use the wire for transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy you can use the enameled copper wire to make motors, automobiles for home and office HVACs etc. So, you will find that many utility companies and homes will make use of such wiring for their electrical controls. When you must convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy, generators are used for conversion through these wires. Magnet wires are therefore used in many communication devices like telephones and televisions, mobile phones and computers.

Magnet wires have a thin insulation coating on them which may be made from either copper or aluminum. The main reason for doing this is to prevent occurrence of short circuits. To buy this enameled copper wire variety in the market, you must choose reliable manufacturers only who offer products that conform to quality standards and have been properly tested. You can search for electrical equipment makers on the Internet and choose this product. However, before buying the wires from just any manufacturer, it is necessary to verify the company credentials and check for buyer reviews posted in other websites.

You need to select a vendor which offers a wide range of wires to choose from so that you can enjoy competitive prices. The important thing to remember is that the manufacturing company should be delivering only those products which have been subjected to extensive testing and deemed to be safe for use. You can compare prices of enameled wires sold by different manufacturers to be sure you get the best deals. Most of the reputed companies will have well-informed sales personnel who can advise you properly on the kind of wire you need to purchase for your electrical products and devices. or you can go to http://www.xinyu-enameledwire.com/product/enameled-copper-wire/  to see more enamelled wire products.