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Expandable container housesis a kind of convenient movable house. This kind of reformed house is gradually accepted by everyone for this kind of building. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of Container architecture?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Container architecture

The advantages of containers are as follows:

1. Dimension Standard

Container has standardized size due to its own characteristics, so it has stronger adaptability in modular application, and can freely combine in various forms to create more diverse modes. Moreover, by utilizing the characteristics, the application organization design of the container is more standard, the manufacturing process is simpler and more convenient, the manufacturing cost is saved, and greater benefits can be obtained.

2, the availability of resources is strong

If the container is 12m in length and 29m2 in area, the price is about 15000 yuan. If the same area is constructed with brick-concrete structure, the cost price will reach 800 yuan /m2 and the total cost will reach 23200 yuan. However, if the container is constructed with steel-concrete construction materials, the cost price will be higher, reaching 29000 yuan per square meter in 1000 yuan.

3. simple structure

As the Container architecture is built based on the container structure, it has a simpler construction environment, greatly shortens the construction Period, can be conveniently disassembled and assembled, and can be moved to any place, just like building blocks, and only needs to fully and firmly fix the container structure together with steel members.

In addition to its advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Here are some of them to introduce to you:

1. The main reason for the high house price is the high price of land. If you buy a housing box, you should consider renting the land when you put containers in it. Have you considered the price? At present, there are two kinds of housing boxes. One is the foam sandwich panel used in the side panel, which is very weak, has a short service life and does not prevent theft. Although the anti-theft effect is much better if the traditional container is refitted, the heat insulation and sound insulation effects are relatively poor and the interior decoration is required.

2. The whole housing box is made of steel, so the decoration is more difficult than that of ordinary houses. The decoration cost is high. 4. The area of a single container is very small. If you use multiple containers for splicing, the waterproofing at the splicing place is not good and needs regular maintenance.

3. At present, domestic container paints are all made in Oil Paint, which is quite harmful to human body.

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