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The public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT). illuminates large areas such as parking lots, parks and other open spaces, and the benefits of illuminating these areas are obvious because it allows users to enter safely, see where they are going, and act as a deterrent to crime.

Public lighting provides a reasonably priced alternative to mains lighting, with much lower installation costs and negligible operating costs. The system can be adjusted according to customer needs.

It is important to provide lighting for large open areas where people gather for social and other activities. Typical examples are public parking lots in shopping malls and airports, industrial and commercial places, and entertainment places. Lighting levels need to be sufficient to give users and security personnel sufficient light to use and view these areas. This can easily be achieved by using a common lighting device because the light can be installed where needed.

Public safety is enhanced by lighting in open areas, especially in winter, when the day is short and people need to commute, shop and transport children when it is dark. Providing adequate lighting is very important to ensure the safety of personnel and protect property. It also plays a role in preventing accidents and injuries. The public lighting system is an economic solution to provide safe and secure lighting for public outdoor areas.

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Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) is rapidly becoming the standard choice for external commercial lighting. The advantages of LED public lighting in commercial lighting applications exceed the common advantages that LED public lighting can provide.

For example, the excellent durability and versatility of LED public lighting make it an ideal choice for external commercial lighting. Loading docks, storage yards, and other outdoor commercial environments can use heavy-duty loading machinery and activities all day long. This machinery and activities will impact and impact commercial lighting, thus easily damaging traditional high-pressure sodium or halogen lights. External commercial LED public lighting includes solid-state elements and is not easily damaged by impact and vibration. If one LED public lighting does suffer some damage, the modular nature of many LED public lighting systems helps to easily replace a single unit without affecting other lights in the external commercial lighting array.

Different from traditional external lighting lights, LED public lighting will achieve complete lighting almost immediately after being powered on. This allows commercial facilities to turn on and off lights cyclically to save power consumption and thus reduce utility costs.

LED public lighting is also more suitable for the planned maintenance schedule. Traditional lights are more likely to suddenly fail, and the downtime required to replace or repair these traditional lights may damage the operation of commercial facilities. In contrast, LED public lighting is less likely to fail suddenly and starts to dim when approaching the limit of working capacity. Maintenance technicians can detect the early signs of such dimming and then schedule maintenance of LED public lighting at times that do not interfere with the normal operation of commercial facilities.

Proper lighting is also crucial to the safety of external commercial facilities. LED public lighting External commercial lighting has diffusers and a variety of different beam diffusion modes, which can be combined to illuminate all areas of commercial facilities to eliminate dark areas and shadows that create security risks. In addition, LED public lighting can better duplicate natural lighting. This feature provides workers in external commercial facilities with a better opportunity to observe the contrast and fine details of the surrounding environment, thus further improving the overall safety of these environments.

From a design point of view, compared with traditional external lighting equipment, LED public lighting external commercial lighting is usually smaller and lower key. LED public lighting can be installed on external walls or other parts of external commercial facilities without additional light poles or other special components. Commercial facilities considering transforming the existing lighting system into LED public lighting usually find that the new LED public lighting can be easily installed into the existing system with little technical compatibility problem.

In addition to these additional benefits of LED public lighting and external commercial lighting, the common advantages of LED public lighting are still an important factor. As more and more manufacturers enter the LED public lighting market, the initial installation cost of LED public lighting continues to decline. In addition, LED public lighting produces the same or better lighting as standard external commercial lighting and consumes less than half of the electricity. Commercial organizations can only recover the installation cost of their early LED public lighting from lower operating costs, usually less than two years.

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The transformation from traditional high-pressure sodium light or metal halide light to Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) may be a simple process, but if a parking facility plans the transformation process and not only replaces the existing lights with new ones, it will see the best effect of the transformation.

The decision to retrofit is usually based on one or more factors that support the use of light emitting diodes. For example, the efficiency of LED public lighting is one order of magnitude higher than that of traditional lights. They last longer and have lower maintenance and operation costs, thus saving a lot of costs. They provide better and more uniform lighting for individuals using parking facilities and enhance their sense of security. LED public lighting can also be turned on and off almost instantaneously, which eliminates the need to extend the preheating period. Compared with traditional lighting, LED public lighting parking lot lights are also more environmentally friendly because they do not contain hazardous materials and generally have a lower carbon footprint than other forms of lighting.

Facilities managers can get more from the LED public lighting parking lot system, only need to consider some additional factors. First of all, like all LED lighting, if the lights have good thermal management performance, LED public lighting parking lot lights will last longer. Over time, excessive heat will reduce the quality and quantity of light emitted by LED public lighting. Manufacturers integrate passive heat sinks and other thermal management mechanisms into light emitting diodes to help dissipate heat.

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The public lighting(CLASSIC) project was once considered as a "business card" to reflect a city's economic development, creating a "city that never sleeps" everywhere. However, in today's vigorous promotion of a low-carbon economy, excessive public lighting not only cannot "add luster" to the city, but also destroys the overall beauty of the city landscape while wasting power resources, not only seriously polluting the natural environment, but also affecting the health of people and other creatures.

It is necessary to maintain the basic function of urban public lighting. The brightness and decorative lighting of the city's main streets should conform to the function of "beauty" and reflect cultural accomplishment and cultural atmosphere. At the same time, considering the city's financial and resource conditions, excessive public lighting should not cause waste of resources, emission reduction concept and low carbon requirements.

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Most homeowners install Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) for two reasons: safety and appearance. A well-lit outdoor home environment naturally feels safer because it reduces the shadow of latent danger.

A small amount of planning will greatly help to maximize the dual advantages of LED public lighting. These design techniques will help homeowners make full use of LED public lighting systems.

Make a plan for families. Simply purchasing some identical external LED lamps and installing them regularly will inevitably lead to bright spots and dark spots. Instead, think about where you need lighting and how to create a uniform lighting pattern throughout your outdoor space.

Think of all four directions. Walk around the house and consider safety issues from all angles. Installing LED public lighting outdoors to illuminate all aspects of the family will greatly improve safety and appearance.

Protect the power supply. Due to regular maintenance of lawns and landscapes, exposed or easily accessible power cables may be cut off or damaged. Make sure that the wiring of your external LED lamp is as safe as the lamp itself.

Considering the convenience of maintenance. Although LED has a longer life than other forms of outdoor lighting, it still needs to be replaced and cleaned regularly to maintain and extend its performance. Do not place LED lights in inaccessible places outside.

Turn down the volume of the high beam. When installing LED public lighting outdoors, the brightness is not necessarily higher. A very bright light can blind drivers passing by the house or wash away some features of the house itself. Select LED public lighting with frosted lens to distribute light more regularly to avoid glare and light pollution.

For better safety, choose white instead of color. Outdoor color LEDs can produce dramatic effects, but these effects can blur or distort the audience's perception of events. If safety is a primary consideration, white or transparent external light emitting diodes will be a better choice.

Use a motion sensor or timer. Houses generally do not require 24-hour outdoor lighting. When an external light emitting diode lamp is turned on and off with a motion sensor or a timer, the safety and aesthetic effects are optimized without alienating neighbors, who may prefer to turn off the light at night or early in the morning.

LED public lighting has the characteristics of good integration with all these design techniques. For example, a light emitting diode is fully energized almost immediately after being energized, making it an ideal choice for systems that include integrated motion sensors. LED public lighting is also cost-effective and efficient. Homeowners can light up a large yard and house at a fraction of the cost of public utilities incurred by replacing light emitting diodes with traditional outdoor lighting.

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LED UFO lamps are becoming more and more popular as public lighting(CLASSIC). Because of their beautiful appearance and easy transportation, they have some improvement on the basis of original light effects, which is equivalent to the upgrade of traditional industrial lamps.

The light and stylish appearance of the Led flying saucer has been sought after by people. The designer designed the PH lamp. The UFO lamp design has multiple coaxial shielding patterns, and the reflection of the light source blurs the real light source of the light source, improving the guiding direction and improving the lighting efficiency.

But it is worth noting that the LED flying lights are expensive, of course, this also meets the design concept of the flying lights, and the fashion has a texture. LED flying lights have many advantages. UFO LED high-bay lighting energy saving is a bright spot. The power consumption of LED lights is only 1/10 of that of traditional fluorescent lamps. For long-term lighting warehouses, markets, roads, mines, etc., you can save A lot of electricity bills. Especially in China, a big country, the energy saving effect is very impressive every day. Secondly, LED lights are also in line with the concept of environmental protection. UFO LED high-bay lights Due to mercury, lead and other toxic substances, discarded LED flying saucer lights will not pollute the environment. There are 1.4 billion people in China, and the number of lamps discarded every year. A large part of the lamps are abandoned in ordinary garbage dumps because they are not restored in time. If traditional lighting will pollute the soil and water, it will affect human health.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, LED UFO accepts that its color is very good, and there are many color temperatures to choose from, its stylish appearance also makes LED flying lights at the forefront of modern lighting.

Of course, LED UFO lamps have many advantages, such as the use of standard lamps, no UV, no noise, no flicker, etc., so that LED UFO lamps replace the ideal lamps of traditional fluorescent lamps, UFO LED high-bay lamps and their unique sealing in use. Waterproof, dustproof, to meet the special requirements of different occasions, has been widely recognized and widely praised by users.

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The growth of the Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) market can be attributed to the increasing global demand for energy-efficient lighting systems, the decline in LED prices and the increased penetration of LED lights as light sources for outdoor applications such as construction, roads and highways, and public spaces.

In 2016, the highway and road terminal applications led the LED public lighting market. However, the public sector portion of the forecast market is expected to grow at the highest compound annual growth rate during the forecast period from 2017 to 2023. The growth of the public sector portion of the LED public lighting market can be attributed to an increase in global infrastructure activities.

The retrofit installation type of the LED public lighting market is expected to grow at the highest compound annual growth rate during the forecast period. The increase in the market retrofit installation type is due to the fact that incandescent lamps in existing infrastructure are increasingly replacing energy-saving light sources such as LED lights. These incandescent lamps are gradually being phased out, and luminaires are being retrofitted with LED lights because they have a long life and consume less energy.

The hardware product division is expected to lead LED public lighting from 2017 to 2023. The growth in the hardware product segment can be attributed to the growing demand for LED luminaires for new devices worldwide.

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Today, we have become a very energy-conscious society, from fossil fuels and old-style electricity to more renewable resources. One of the most popular areas is the public lighting(CLASSIC) sector.

Start turning to outdoor solar lighting options to recoup some of the money they spend to light up their location. In many cases, solar energy is the best move, but there are other things to consider when jumping from one lighting option to another. Perhaps the biggest problem is what your lighting application is. This is what lights up the commercial parking lot. Are you setting lights on the side of the road, which will help the driver see where they are going in the evening, or Lighting the lights in the park so that people walking at night can follow the trails? Depending on where you need to weigh the options, once you decide to use solar energy, the choice of lighting style will be easier.

When you are trying to light a parking lot, you need some high-powered light bulbs to get the job done. You are illuminating a very large area, one of which is that it is mostly spacious. The goal is to keep the entire area lit and leave as little space as possible. This is mandatory if you are running a store because it means your customer base is safer. The most popular lighting in parking lots usually uses large area lights. These allow you to choose between CFL bulbs, metal halide lamps and the increasingly popular LED light options. As long as you go to the outdoor solar LED street light, any choice is great, but in most cases you will want to lean more towards LEDs because it provides amazing light while burning less energy and lasting longer than others. Choose longer.

Lighting Park is another interesting scene because it requires more intimate lighting than you use for parking. You will want the lighting to be closer to the ground, which will be used to illuminate the sidewalk instead of illuminating the entire area around the park.

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LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel. It is used for large-area floodlights in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, stadiums, metallurgy and various factories, buildings, etc. It is most suitable for urban landscapes, billboards, building facades. Used for Led Public lighting(CLASSIC).

As a kind of light-efficiency energy-saving lamp, LED tunnel light adopts light-emitting diode (LED) as the light source. It has high light efficiency and long life. It can be used with different mirrors to achieve multi-functional illumination and has flexible treatment. LED tunnel light will not Dazzling or another discomfort. The ballast selects thermal protection technology to ensure the life of the lamp. The imported high-purity aluminum anodized material is used as a reflector and the precise distribution design. The LED tunnel lamp has a power factor greater than 0.9, high reflection efficiency, good light transmission, energy saving, and environmental protection.

LED tunnel light features

(1) LED tunnel light power consumption, energy saving, compared with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, its energy saving is more than 40%.

(2) LED tunnel lights have a long life, ideally, 100,000 hours, LED tunnel lights and high-pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent tubes have a life of only $100,000.

(3) LED tunnel light has high reliability, low daily maintenance, and maintenance cost, MTBF of up to 20,000 h, LED tunnel light and high-pressure sodium lamp and fluorescent tube, mean failure - free working time (MTBF) is less than 10,000 H.

(4) Reduce the construction cost of power distribution systems (cables, transformers, distribution boxes, bridges, etc.) For long tunnels, long-distance power supplies, cables, power distribution facilities, LED tunnel lights, the cost ratio is particularly large, using LED tunnel lights because of power saving Can greatly reduce the investment in cable and power distribution equipment.

(5) LED tunnel light can be started instantaneously, brightness adjustment is convenient, no stroboscopic, starting voltage range, etc., can achieve a variety of energy-saving methods, such as adjusting traffic according to roads, tunnel traffic information.

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Manufacturing managers are always looking for new ways to improve operational efficiency. In a word, if every dollar invested in a production facility produces multiple dollars of output, the manager will prove his quality. Transforming the lighting system of an existing manufacturing facility into public lighting is a straightforward and simple way to achieve these output multiples.

Employees always like to work in a well-lit environment, which gives them the opportunity to see fine details and color contrasts on the work surface and materials. Industrial public lighting(CLASSIC) can be adjusted to produce light with brighter tones and higher color temperatures. These tonal and color temperatures include blue wavelengths that have been shown to increase alertness and, by extension, increase productivity and safety in manufacturing environments. In addition, industrial public lighting better replicates the perfect color rendering index provided by natural sunlight, which is the best illumination to distinguish between fine contrast and color. Some workplace studies have confirmed that increased alertness and visibility translate directly into better manufacturing quality and higher productivity.

These potential manufacturing productivity gains are not just theoretical or speculation. Objective research on manufacturing facilities that have been retrofitted with lighting has shown that new industrial public lighting systems can increase productivity by 6% to 11%. Detailed analysis in these studies suggests that public lighting allows manufacturers workers to be more alert and react faster, while reducing fatigue.

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