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The Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) machine equipment is all made of metal steel and form box structure. The rice is poured into the hairy rice and imported from the hoist to the cleaning screen and the stone removing machine to remove impurities. The cleaned net valley is transported by the hoist to the rubber roller and the glutinous rice machine is unshelled, and the big shovel is sucked out of the machine by the big fan. The rough mixture is sent to the gravity sieve by the hoist to screen the rice and brown rice. A small amount of unhulled rice is sent back to the glutinous rice machine for shelling, and the brown rice automatically enters the rice milling machine. In the rice milling room, the white and fine sputum is sucked out of the machine by the fine fan and collected by the dust collector, and the finished rice flows out from the rice outlet.

Operation and maintenance

Before the paddy cleaner machine is driven, the machine should be installed smoothly, check whether the components are normal, whether the parts and connections are loose or not. The transmission belts are suitable for tightening. The belts must be flexible. Pay attention to the lubrication of each transmission part. After some inspections are normal, the control switch is activated, and after 2-3 minutes of idle rotation, the material can be processed.

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The specific gravity Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) machine is a double-layer screen, and the upper layer screen is mainly used for cleaning impurities such as large impurities, light impurities and mildewed scorpions. The shoulder stone and the corn fall to the lower screen, and then the wind is extracted and the screen vibrates. The specific gravity of the stone is heavier than the material. The screen is inclined. The vibration also has a low-pressure fan for the wind, and the animal material is suspended for a short time. It can't be suspended, move up with the vibration of the screen, and discharge the machine through the stone mouth to play the stone removal effect. The removal of light and dust is caused by the suction of the low-pressure fan to remove the dust.

The mildew and stone are cleaned by the specific gravity screening method. Mainly used for stone removal. When screening different materials, replace the screen and adjust the size of the wind. When adjusting the vibration amplitude of the rice destoner machine, you can adjust the tilt angle of the motor or adjust the position of the eccentric block. The amplitude of the vibration can be seen by the amplitude table on both sides of the stone remover. Generally, the amplitude has been adjusted before leaving the factory, no need to change. If you have any questions, please consult our technical staff.

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Even with the development of science and technology, most of the Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) machines are mainly vibrating destoner machines and air separation destoner machines on the market. The color sorting machine is very popular in the screening of special materials because of its special screening and cleaning methods. However, the cleaning methods of the public's crops, such as rice, wheat, grains, and beans, are mainly based on vibration screening and wind selection. It has a large amount of cleaning and wide applicability. It is a common cleaning equipment for many grain processing plants and grain storage cleaning. However, different food cleaning also requires screening equipment. This will make the effect better. First understand the working principle of the different cleaning methods of the screening machine. In order to better understand the cleaning machinery required for the materials you need to clean.

The vibration destoner machine adopts the vibration of the vibration motor to drive the screen to make linear vibration. The material passes through the screen to do the same movement track. The materials to be cleaned fall into the lower layer according to the size of the sieve mesh. Screens, large miscellaneous (such as dry branches, leaves, etc.) flow into the large miscellaneous outlets in the upper screen. The material that reaches the lower screen and small impurities, the small mesh through the screen hole falls into the bottom of the screen box, and the fine impurities are excluded from the machine, and the felt material directly flows into the net material outlet. It can clean grain, corn and other hard materials that are hard to damage.

The air separation destoner machine adopts a circulating airflow to suck the light particles into the separation zone, and then enters the centrifugal separator. The light particles are separated from the airflow into the dust chamber, and the auger pushes the impurity level to the pressure gate air trap to eliminate. The air-purified material is removed from the material door by the material door, and the wind speed can be adjusted freely. It is suitable for various food crops. It is suitable for fragile and brittle materials such as buckwheat husks and dried chillies due to the air cleaning.

The cleaning method of the vibration destoner machine and the air selection destoner machine is as described above. The hard material of the granular shell can be used as a vibration destoner machine. The cleaning amount is larger than that of the air sorting machine, and the cleaning effect is good. It is suitable for various grain storage and grain processing equipment. The air-selection destoner machine is suitable for the destoner of materials that are fragile, brittle, etc., and is often used for cleaning equipment required for deep processing.

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Mechanical working principle:

First place the Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) machine in a horizontal position, turn on the power, start the work switch, and ensure that the motor runs clockwise to show that the machine is in the correct working state. Then, the material to be screened is poured into the feeding hopper of the grain cleaning stone removing device, and the plug plate at the bottom of the hopper is properly adjusted according to the particle size of the material to uniformly feed the material into the upper screen; meanwhile, the cylindrical fan at the upper part of the sieve is directed to the screen. The discharge end is correctly supplied with air; the air inlet at the lower end of the fan can also be directly connected to the bag to receive the light waste in the grain.

Structural features:

The paddy cleaner machine consists of a frame and four transport wheels, a transmission part, a gravity separation table of the main fan, and a fan, a suction duct and a screen box. The movement is convenient and flexible, and the screen replacement is convenient and the performance is good. The front screen of the machine is changed into a vibrating motor screen. Similar to the old-fashioned screening machine, extending the life of the screen machine greatly reduces the equipment maintenance rate.

Mechanical equipment, when screening rice selection, if 95% clarity is set, 20 tons per hour, if 98% clarity is set, then 16-20 tons per hour, if the machinery is screening soybeans, if Set 98% clarity, then 25 tons per hour. In addition, the paddy cleaner equipment is based on the original cleaning and screening machine to add a vacuum device, which has a good effect on improving the working environment and reducing food fur and dust pollution.

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After the grain is processed from rice, it is necessary to use certain Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) to remove other impurities in the processed grain. To this end, there is also a rice destoner device for removing grain from impurities in food.

Among all the rice destoner machine, a special type of equipment is a compound fish scale hole sieve plate stone removing machine, which has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, large output, good stone removal effect, simple maintenance, convenience and quickness. At present, domestic rice mills have selected more stone-removing machines, which are well received by users and gradually sold to Southeast Asia.

However, there are still some shortcomings in the structure of the rock-removing machine of this model. The suction soft connection connecting the casing and the suction device is easy to be deformed and damaged, thereby causing air leakage in the suction duct, and the wind pressure in the air is unstable, which directly affects the stone. The effect must be replaced in time. This structure, the soft connection has a short service life, greatly increases the maintenance cost and the labor intensity of the worker, and reduces the production efficiency.

To avoid the above drawbacks, it is necessary to carry out regular troubleshooting checks on the equipment, including testing the key parts of the grain removal equipment, the detection of the state of the grain removal equipment, and the shutdown of the grain removal equipment. Perform subjective state detection.

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Brief introduction of Rice Destoner machine:

1.The series of SLQS blowing type gravity destoner primarily used for the food process business enterprise, separate the stone, pebble, clod from wheat, paddy, corn, sesame etc , according to material weight difference.

2.This machine adopt vibration electric engineering as vibration source, having the characteristics that vibration amplitude can adjustable and move organization more reasonable, hard enduring.

3.Suitable for rice milling plant with capacity 60t/day,can remove stone and other impurities from all kinds of seeds and grains thoroughly.

4.Easy to dismantle, small space, low power consumption, maintenance simple, high efficiency of stone removing and width range etc.

Our machine is a kind of combine machine. It can clean big impurities by means of a long-gape screen, clean small impurities by means of circular-holes screen, and clean simultaneous stones by a convex screen. It is an ideal cleaning machine for all kinds of grains

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TQLZ series vibrating Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG), also called vibrating cleaning sieve, is designed on the basis of referring and absorbing the foreign sieving technology and summarizing the advantages of different vibration sieves made in China.

The vibrating cleaner can be widely used in the initial processing of rice, flour, fodder, oil and other food. It is generally erected in paddy cleaning procedure to remove large, small and light impurities. By equipped with different sieves with different meshes, the vibrating cleaner can classify the rice according to its size and then we can get the products with different sizes.

The vibrating cleaner is characterized by high removing-impurity efficiency, stable performance, smooth operation, low power consumption, low noise, good tightness, easy assembling, disassembling and repair, etc. It also has the advantages of compact construction, high production efficiency, low maintenance requirement, easily removable inspection covers, simple and precise motor alignment.

The company reserves the secondary and senior management, production and technical professionals to supply high-quality products and excellent service based on the scientific management and latest technology. It sticks to the tenet of “quality foremost, faith as essential”to insistently respond customers with high-quality products and perfect after service.The sales networks of the company are covered all over China as well as South American, South East Asia, Africa etc.The company cordially welcomes all of you to visit us for the win-win future.

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Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) intended to facilitate the removal of stones and other foreign particles from input grains by separating impurities on the basis of their densities. This machine performs based on the density difference by adjusting the aspiration system. Rice destoners can be used to segregate the granular products where the particles are approximately the same size but, differ in weight.

Rice destoner efficiently removes a small amount of heavy material from a larger quantity of light material. These are designed to have a long operational life and are installed with closed circuit dust aspiration systems and lighting systems to enable easy viewing of the components of the equipment.

Rice destoner features

The grain spreads evenly over the mesh screen resulting in it getting stratified and separated by the difference in specific weight through the screen vibrations and rising airflow

Dust and other light foreign materials are carried to the dust collecting unit with the air flow

Sorted grain / stone mixture that passed through the upper and lower screen dropdown to the resorting deck

Stone and other foreign materials of heavy specific weights are removed by the resorting screen

Advantages of rice destoner

Efficient & precise separation of stones and heavy material based on density difference

Provided with closed circuit dust aspiration system

Fitted with imported vibro motors for trouble free, long life and low noise operation

Separate collection of stones and dust particles through aspiration system

Sturdy, rigid and heavy duty construction

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Development of a Fine Cleaning System We developed a system for fine cleaning of rough rice.This is different from Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG).The system consists of a wind separator (WS), gravity separator (GS) and indented cylinder separator (ICS).

Raw rough rice is first fed into the wind separator. The wind separator removes straw, weed seed, dust and empty kernels. Rough rice that has passed through the wind separator is then fed into the gravity separator, which is the main fea ture of the fine cleaning system.

The gravity separator discharges four streams of material: a discharge gate at the end of the good product side of the separation deck end discharges a mixture of sound whole kernels and hulled kernels that is of high dens ity; a discharge gate in the middle of the separation deck end discharges good rough rice product (mostly sound whole kernels); a discharge gate close to the waste side of the separation deck end discharges a mixture of sound whole kernels, damaged kernels and immature kernels, which is returned through the wind separator and gravity separator to achieve a complete separation; and a discharge gate at the end of the waste side of the separation deck end discharges a mixture of damaged kernels, immature kernels and empty kernels that is of low density and removed from the line. The discharge gate at the end of the good product side for the mixture of sound whole kernels and hulled kernels is an original and unique gate of the rough rice fine cleaning system.

The indented cylinder separator removes hulled kernels based on the difference in size from the mixture of sound whole kernels and hulled kernels discharged from the gravity separator. The sound whole kernels separated by the indented cylinder separator are mixed with the good rough rice product from the gravity separator. The good rough rice product after fine cleaning is loaded into a silo for long- term storage.

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