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The most outer rough shell of paddy is removed. Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) is the most common machine that is used for paddy shelling, however friction type browner is sometimes used as a sheller. Paddy goes between six rubber rollers that are rotating in opposite direction with different velocities. There is a small clearance between the rollers so that when paddy passes through, it is subjected to some shear forces and husk is removed from production process of rice peeled.

Design of experiments ( DOE) and Response Surface Methodology (RSM) is a collection of statistical and mathematical techniques useful for developing, improving and optimizing process and new products, as well as in the improvement of existing product designs. RSM can take unknown response function and approximate it by coded variables where these coded variables are usually defined to be dimensionless with zero mean and the same spread or standard deviation. Usually a low order polynomial in some relatively small region of the independent variable space is generated. The example presented above demonstrates that designs taken from the RSM paradigm can be used to good effect in a traditional agricultural setting and this point is further underscored by the work. And according to Hill and Hunter, RSM method was introduced by G.E.P. Box and K.B. Wilson in 1951. Box and Wilson suggested to use a first-degree polynomial model to approximate the response variable. They acknowledged that this model is only an approximation, not accurate, but such a model is easy to estimate and apply, even when little is known about the process. The resulti ng surfaces, usually linear or quadratic, are fitted to these points.

Often statistical methods such as design of experiments are used to determine where in the design space these points s hould be located in order to obtain best possible fit. In this paper we use linear polynomials to create the response surface. The creation of such response surface models to approximate detailed computer analysis codes is particularly appropriate in the preliminary design stages when comprehensive trade-offs of multiple performance and economic objectives is critical. In many cases, either a second-order model is used.

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Small Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) by many families of all ages with its simple, inexpensive features.How do we buy paddy husker should be adjusted and maintained it?

1.The adjustment of rice knife

Adjust the rice knife is to adjust the gap between rice knife and drum. If the gap is large, the grinding chamber pressure is small, the rice in the drum by the friction of the weak, so the meter can not grind fine, but a high rate of rice.

2.The import and export of knife adjustment

When the knife of import and export knife off hours, crush room grain increased, the pressure increase milled white and beige, but the broken rice; conversely, if the import knife off the export knife open, whitening room save less meters, the pressure is reduced, grind rice is rough.

3.The specific operation and adjustment measures

(1) A rice cutter and roller to adjust the clearance to moderate, clearance is generally not less than a grain of rice the transverse diameter. Otherwise, grain can be easily broken; gap can not be larger than a grain of rice the longitudinal diameter or coarse grain of rice. Therefore, rice knife gap should be to choose between vertical and horizontal diameter of rice. Generally in the adjustment of the actual knife meter gap, there must be a angle, that is, near the outlet switch is slightly larger, such a grind rice is more complete.

(2) The import and export of the knife to work closely with each other. The general import knife opening control in the opening of the 1/2, no more than 2/3. In rice milling process, generally do not will import knife removed, let the import of all open, because open all imported knife after cereals accumulated too much, grinding chamber pressure is too high, rotational resistance, if export knife temporarily do not match up well, belt drive will slip, even to the machine will be stuck or damaged.

4.Maintenance matters

(1) Milling machining of rice, to maintain a certain degree of drying, the moisture content is generally not more than 14% -15%. When the high moisture content of rice, broken rice, affect the quality of the rice, but also with the increase of power consumption.

(2) To pay attention to check whether there are nails in rice, stones and other debris, so as not to enter the white room to cause clogging or damaged rice sieve.

(3) Before starting with rice sieve, a rice cutter, drum core parts to check to see whether to tighten the bolts and nuts.

(4) Before starting the drum to see if there are four.

(5) The boot when the first empty load operation to normal speed, and then poured into the rice hopper, and keep the rice milling machine operation.

(6) Every day after work, the paddy husker machine and ancillary facilities were a check, found problems in a timely manner, to ensure paddy husker machine often in good condition.

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Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) machine is used for removing the husk from the paddy. It gives much better yield with lower rate of broken . Paddy husker machine gives much more production for the each pair of rubber rolls . Now you can enjoy the low cost of production with lower rate of broken.

Paddy husker machine has high automation and is equipped with first-class components of the world. Husk separation adopts traditional domestic vertical suction channel, thereby meeting the needs of middle and large rice milling plant. It is an ideal upgrade product for modern rice milling plant. Its unique feeding systems, coupled with very fine and minute control system, greatly enhance the efficiency of the de-husking process. It increases the life of rubber roll by 30%.

Characteristics of paddy husker machine:

1. Excellent performance, compact construction.

2. Automatically unengaged without paddy, whileif with paddy, rubber rollers engage automatically. Opening for feeding gate and pressure between rubber rollers are automatically controlled by pneumatic components.

3. Easy to operate and adjust. Pressure between rubber rollers can be adjusted directly by pressure valve, and feeding flow and air volume adjusted by adjustable handle.

4. Equipped with long shedding plate and high speed and compulsive feeding mechanism, super power of driven motor, it has high husking yield and big capacity.

5. Complete husk separation by adopting classic vertical suction channel, thus the rice contained in husk greatly less than that of overseas.

6. With timing belt or double-side V-belt, it runs steadily, and has less vibrating and low noise.

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