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Integrated professional technology and actual production practice in domestic rice milling plant, CM3500 Rice polisher is designed and developed to be both economic and making rice become lucent and white. It is not only applied to be single processing machine for rice milling plant, but also used for multistep slight Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) with several machines.

Single roll rice polisher characteristics:

1.With lengthening polishing cylinder, this increases effective polishing area, thereby enhancing polishing efficiency.

2.With imported automation components, such as flow meter, intelligent amperemeter, temperature controller and etc., this ensures that automatic spraying device works steadily and reliably.

3.Compact construction, small required area, stable mechanical performance.

4.With design for adjustable air in multiple positions, good bran discharging effect.

We supply complete comprehensive solutions for your rice processing needs for the following projects:

1.Rice Cleaning Machine

2.Rice Destoner Machine

3.Paddy Husker Machine

4.Rice Electro-optical Machine

5.Paddy Separator Machine

6.Rice Whitener Machine

7.Rice Polishing Machine

8.Rice Grader Machine

9.Grain Dryer

10.Measure and Packing Machine

11.Rice Milling Detection Machine

12.Lifting Equipment

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The Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) is used for polishing the rice surface after bran removal. Its advanced humidifier and polishing chamber enhance the value of the white rice. The rice polisher therefore produces rice with a shiny, pearly, smooth and dust free finish. The rice grains are gently polished by friction in a special humidified atmosphere which is controlled by an accurate water dosing system. It is mainly applied in the rice milling industry and can be used for any variety of rice. Uniform and excellent white rice appearance.

The output rice from the polisher has a uniform and excellent white rice appearance and an attractive surface finish from matt to silky finish, resulting in premium quality rice without loose bran or dust.

Outstanding efficiency through high output rate and minimum breakage.

The weight controlled load outlet of the rice polisher exactly controls the residence time of kernels inside the milling chamber. This enables a high output rate with minimum breakage at a high throughput capacity.

Easy operation, high service standards.

The compact control unit provides easy access to all control elements, e.g. the rotors. The ergonomic controls located on the front side, the simple setting and checking of polishing pressure, the easy setting of the start/stop point of the water dosing system and good readable dials allow for user-friendly operation.

Sanitized production process.

The wide opening doors allow easy access for cleaning and the highly effective aspiration chamber enables a sanitized processing of the rice.

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Product description:

Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) machine is a new generation rice machine that collected professional skills and merits of internal and overseas similar productions. Its structure and technical data are optimized for many times to make it take the leading place in the polishing technology with considerable effect such as bright and shining rice surface, low broken rice rate which can completely meet the users requirements for producing non-washing high-finished rice (also called crystalline rice), non-washing high-clean rice (also called pearl rice) and non-washing coating rice (also called pearly-luster rice) and effectively improve the quality of the old rice. It is the ideal upgrading production for modern rice factory.


1. Built-in motor, small floor area and beautiful profile;

2. Jet-air and air locking technique with double pressure gates, the air volume passing through the whitening chamber is above 2.5 times more than that of normal rice whiteners and rice temperature rise can be restrained effectively;

3. Equipped with aspirating device for material feeding and discharging, dynamic cooling the white rice, low temperature of discharged rice, low bran content and little broken rice;

4. Double feeding gates with magnetic separating devices, fine adjustment of flow rate;

5. Unique design of rotary whitening chamber, convenient and quick replacement of rice screens;

6. Unique double rolls designed side by side, simultaneous feeding and high output.

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Vertical emery roller Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) is designed on the basis of long rice processing technology. The machine has features such as higher rice degree, less broken rice, less bran and much easier to operate, it is excellent machine in rice mill equipment for long rice.

The machine is provided with powerful blowers to create a negative pressure. Our company fabricates quality machine with superior quality raw materials, which is procured from reliable vendors. Our company professionals ensure the quality of the product by checking at regular intervals of time and also offer at affordable prices.

1. Product description

Iron roll whitener is designed to be specialized in processing short-grain rice, is mainly suited for whitening husked rice. It is at present ideal equipment for rice milling plant. It has advantages such as high whitener degree, low rice temperature, less broken rice, especially strong gem removal capability.

2. Characteristics

1. With axial discharge, the pressure of whitening chamber stable and less broken rice.

2. With the technology of strong jet air and dragging wind, with high pressure and air volume, rice temperature is lower and the bran discharging effect is greatly improved.

3. Special bearing structure makes the assemble and disassemble easier.

4. The application of whole boxlike structure keeps the performance stable, and reliable.

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The present invention relates to a Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) (rice polishing section or rice washing section) for conducting preprocessing to produce so-called “pre-polished rice” (pre-polished processed rice, dried washed rice, or processed rice) and with which it is possible to readily cook rice by only adding water, without the need to wash rice (i.e., to polish rice) before cooking the rice, and that has good preservability. The present invention further relates to pre-polished rice producing apparatus (pre-polished rice processing apparatus) a pre-polished rice producing facility comprising the rice polisher, and to a leveling device for leveling grains supplied on a receiving surface of a receiving member.

When white rice (polished rice, raw material rice or raw material white rice) is washed in water by an ordinary method, water permeates the polished rice and the water content of the rice increases, whereby the rice becomes subject to mold growth or decomposition. Thus, pre-polished rice that can be handled in the same manner as ordinary polished rice cannot be obtained. Alternatively, when polished rice whose water content has been increased due to being polished in water is dried, the starch layer of the polished rice that has absorbed water and expanded shrinks upon being dried. Thus, when the polished white rice is dried, the surface of the starch layer of the polished white rice abruptly shrinks, whereby tension is created in the surface layer and the rice cracks. Polished rice that has sustained cracking absorbs a high volume of water during cooking, whereby the rice expands unevenly and a high volume of starch particle is released from the crack. It is well known that this results in rice having inferior taste.

However, according to this pre-polished rice producing apparatus, there is a problem in that a large amount of water must be used because water is needed for both the cleaning step and the rinsing step. Use of a large amount of water not only results in swelling water bills, but also means that a large amount of polluted water (polished-waste water, washed-waste water, discharge water or drain water) is discharged, whereby companies are obliged to use large and expensive water-purifying plants as stipulated by bylaws for the prevention of environmental pollution. Thus, this has become a big concern in the rice industry.

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