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Buying high-quality solar led street light can be a daunting task, and only numbers will make you feel cringe. When you look at the initial cost of a project, sometimes the cost savings are ignored. But don't feel uneasy, there are ways to help budget your Solar led street light(CLASSIC) project and make it more affordable. Here are some tips to help you make or break a project.

If you don't have a planned budget but want to find ways to reduce the cost of your original offer, check out the incentives for using renewable energy. Grants and tax breaks are available for any business that wants to use solar led street lights for its facilities. Some good resources are the Renewable Energy National Incentive Database (DSIRE), Department of Energy, and contact your local power company for more information. The best first step is to see if you are eligible for a 30% federal tax incentive, including the purchase and installation of solar led street lights. Please note that this incentive will decrease over time, but it does not disappear at this time.

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Many small cities invest in the future by turning Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) into old mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium street lamps. Planners must face higher initial costs. Some medium-sized cities spend more than $2 million on LED street lighting, but even conservative city officials appreciate the prospect of permanently reducing energy costs.

LED street light in action

Smart City Smart Light plans to install more than 5,700 energy-saving lamps in 25 towns in Kansas and Missouri. These outdoor LED lights are expected to collectively save these communities $25 million in energy costs.

Communities and small cities also use LED street lights as a selling point to attract new residents and make their communities more “livable”. The goal of other cities is to expand budget funding by installing LED street lights. In addition to energy saving and cheap maintenance, LED bulbs have a long life and they rarely need to be changed.

Some communities are using smart technology to cut LED lighting. The chip mounted on the street light allows the city to control the light of the phone or computer terminal. Using this technology, they can increase safety by increasing the illumination of nighttime active areas and reduce costs by using motion sensors that turn lights only when needed.

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1. Since the integrated Solar led street light(CLASSIC) has already integrated high-efficiency solar panel, long life lithium battery (the same type as the driving batteries used for hybrid cars), high luminous efficiency LEDs, intelligent controller, PIR human body sensor module and mounting brackets into one unit, the benefits of integration is easy to install and lightweight. Usually, two workers with a wrench and only five minutes can complete the installation, with no need to use heavy equipment and tools.

2. Integrated solar LED street light has basically the same working principle as the conventional street lamp, the difference is that an integrated solar light has incorporated LED lamp, solar panel, batteries, and controller system (which controls the charge and discharge of batteries). If all parts are integrated into a single light fixture, the lead-acid batteries will be replaced with a lithium battery, which is easy to install and lightweight.

3. The biggest advantage of integrated solar LED street light is to save the expensive installation, construction and commissioning costs, and its transportation cost is usually only 1/5 of the cost of traditional streetlamps, and if exporting to the abroad, it is only 1/10 of the cost of traditional split type streetlamps.

4. Integrated solar LED street light has a long life, as it uses the world's first lithium battery management control technology. Comparing with some light fixtures which use ordinary batteries (2-year life), the after-sale service and parts replacement costs of integrated solar lights can be greatly reduced in the future (typically within 5 years without the necessity to replace the battery or make maintenance). Even after 5 years when in need, due to the unique product design, users only need a few minutes to complete the replacement, without the need for engineers’ guidance and technical support.

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In the next decade, Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) will change cities around the world. Compared to traditional street lighting technology, LED street lights have a longer life, lower energy consumption, and lower maintenance costs. In most developed countries, despite the high upfront costs, LEDs have been an economically beneficial alternative to existing streetlights during the life of streetlights, taking into account energy savings. But in the next few years, LED street lights are expected to be comparable to the cost of traditional technology (and in some cases already owned), making their cost-effectiveness immediately positive. At this point, they will be economically useful as substitutes in almost all countries. In addition, many emerging market countries are rapidly urbanizing and need to improve urban infrastructure, creating a further impetus for this market. From 2016 to 2026, global investment in LED street lights is expected to reach $57 billion.

But LEDs are not the only element of modern public outdoor lighting. Networked “smart” street lights help cities further reduce costs through dimming and reduced maintenance costs. As the cost of network street lights also drops rapidly, these smart street lights will play an increasingly important role in cities and cities around the world. Smart street lights can also greatly improve the safety of the city by reducing the “downtime” of street lights. Once the light bulb expires, the official will be notified, so there is very little illumination on the street. Managing the rising street crimes in many emerging market metropolitan and American cities will be a particularly powerful benefit.

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Photovoltaic streetlights, or commonly referred to as Solar led street light(CLASSIC), are becoming more and more popular and are emerging worldwide. There are many benefits to using these types of street lights, but improving sustainability is everyone's favorite.

By providing sustainable solutions, the economy will only benefit. Increasing development and installation can reduce unemployment. Providing lower utility for cities and municipalities means that tax funds can be used for more beneficial applications, such as improving schools and other public facilities. Having green alternatives makes the region proud and helps reduce its environmental impact. Installing solar led street lights can bring so much economic benefit that everyone can benefit in some way.

The use of solar led street lights can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels because electricity is independent and is provided daily by the sun. This effect will initially reduce emissions into our atmosphere. Another forgotten aspect is the lower installation requirements. Since the wire is installed without underground trenching, even the largest installation requires less heavy equipment.

As the efficiency of LED luminaires increases, we are now able to reduce wattage without losing light. This reduces the amount of solar and backup batteries needed to keep the system running. It also provides better visibility and can even install wildlife friendly or dark sky optics to ensure little impact on our environment.

The use of solar led street lights provides benefits for the future of the community. With the emergence of global warming and environmental issues, the use of sustainable energy to illuminate shows that the community cares about the future. It also provides greater security for the area by providing adequate illumination for areas that may not currently be properly illuminated. Finally, it allows people to use the area for community gatherings after dark.

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1. Select high luminous efficiency LED street light

Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) are becoming more and more mature, and high-power LED street lamps can meet the luminous flux of general street lights as needed. Commonly used high-power LEDs are 120 to 130 lm / W, the best-LED chips and lenses up to 180lm / W, higher luminous efficiency, which means better energy-saving effect, which is one of the most important indicators for selecting LED street lights.

2. Select high power LED chip

In order to reduce material costs, some factories have chosen to use hundreds of low-power LEDs of 0.2-0.5 W to make LED street lights. However, the failure rate of such low power LEDs is very high. Due to the long-term use requirements, LED street lights are absolutely not allowed to use such low-power LEDs. High power LEDs are the best choice.

3. Choose a good cooling street light

The life and light decay of LED street lights are greatly affected by temperature. If the temperature is too high, it may drop to 30% of the initial luminous flux. Using a good heat sink is definitely worth it.

4. Choose high quality and reliable LED driver

The driver is the core of the LED street light. In order to ensure the service life of LED street lamps, reliable quality LED drivers must be provided. Good LED driver life can reach 25,000 hours to 30,000 hours, while cheap drive life can only last less than 5000 hours. Of course, a good drive is much more expensive, but it's definitely worth it compared to the overall lamp life and maintenance costs.

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1. Solar led street light(CLASSIC) do not need to be trenched, embedded and backfilled to install, saving construction costs.

2, did not purchase power equipment, save the corresponding equipment.

3, solar led street lights can achieve automatic control, no personnel management, saving management costs.

4, solar energy source, do not use traditional electrical energy, saving operating costs.

5, simple maintenance, no electric shock, safe to use.


1. The overall efficiency of solar led street light is directly affected by the intensity of the sun, and the solar energy area cannot meet local demand.

2. The solar module receives high-intensity sunlight and avoids obstacles. The specific installation location is limited.

3. The initial investment cost is slightly higher without considering the costs of construction, operation, maintenance, etc.

4. If the solar module is mounted on a pole, considering the strength of the entire wind, the investment will be slightly higher than the ordinary pole.

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Heat dissipation is another problem. Since Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) expect LED street lights to operate for a long time, if we do not have an effective heat sink, the life will be shortened. To solve this problem, we designed a dense aluminum fin structure that provides a significant surface area. We conducted laboratory tests before street lighting products were introduced. The inherent temperature of street luminaires is kept in a lower range.

Despite the low price, LED street lights are equipped with most of the mandatory functions. For example, our LED luminaires are IP66 waterproof and impact resistant to withstand harsh weather conditions such as storms and hot sun. In order to prevent rusting problems in the vicinity of industrial areas caused by acid rain, the outer casing of the LED street lamp is made of aluminum alloy and is very durable.

LED is an energy-saving technology because it consumes 70% more energy than metal halide lamps. The luminous efficiency of the LED is 130 lm/W, while the luminous efficiency of the metal halide is only 65 lm/W. The higher the number, the higher the energy efficiency. After replacing the metal halide of the LED street light, you can save a lot of energy costs because you produce more lumens at the same power consumption.

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In the case of LED street lights, the concept is not just to use light bulbs to illuminate the road. Instead, it requires reliable and high-quality optics to ensure road safety. There are many types of road lamps, among which LED lamps are more suitable for street use. As an Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC), we will discuss its use and advantages on this page.

What is the significance of the uniformity of illumination of LED street lights? Good uniformity means that the light is evenly distributed on the road without any bright spots. If the lighting mode is too irregular, it will irritate road users and is especially important for vehicle drivers. According to one study, LED street lights can reduce driver fatigue if they provide uniform light like natural sunlight. It can greatly improve road safety. In order to achieve better uniformity, the LED street light fixtures are equipped with asymmetrical optical lenses that provide rectangular illumination instead of a circular shape. This arrangement can reduce irregular overlap of street lights.

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Most people are familiar with solar panels to power homes or buildings, or to heat water, but many people ignore other uses of solar energy. Solar led street light(CLASSIC) can be used to illuminate the passageway, illuminate the parking lot of the building, and even illuminate the entire street and highway. Each lamp can be powered by a solar array, or you can string multiple lights together and run on a larger array of solar cells. Solar energy can be used to power it, regardless of application or demand.

Solar led street light also has many applications. Parking lots, roads, signs, billboards, almost everything can be illuminated with solar energy. Solar led street lights can be a green alternative to new lighting projects and can be retrofitted into existing lighting applications to reduce power consumption and cost. The solar lighting system can be customized to the lighting levels and luminaire requirements required by the customer.

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