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Hair removal is a fashion.

The elegance of the woman lies in the detail.

If we wear beautiful jewelry,

Paint beautiful nails.

But I have a pinch of black on my finger.

Do you feel coordinated?

The mouth is black.

It looks dirty.

It is unclear.

Many guests love the beauty.

But there is no way to remove it.

The efficiency of laser hair removal machine may have been heard by many friends, but many people still have doubts about this technology. Therefore, for your information, we have dispelled some doubts about 808 diode laser hair removal.

Is depilation with 808 diode lasers safe?

The 808 diode Laser Hair Removal is a very safe method for laser hair removal. It is professional and has no side effects on the human body. It has almost no effect on the skin and has a whitening and rejuvenating effect.

Two: Take off once, is it effective?

The depilation of 808 diode lasers usually takes three times at most for two reasons:

For one, most hair follicles are grouped into three groups and open to the same pore. A hair in the pore is the hair that grows from one of the three follicles underneath. Therefore, treatment can only destroy one hair follicle in a group.

The second is that hair growth goes through growth, regression and rest periods. The effective rate of painless depilation at freezing 808 is 75%, the regression time is 25% and the resting time is almost null.

Third, does the depilation of 808 diode lasers affect sweating?

The secure depilation of 808 diode lasers does not affect sweating. Because sweat depends mainly on the sweat glands and the opening of the sweat glands is not in the hair follicle, while painless hair removal helps to sweat the hair follicle, the sweat glands are not damaged, so that the metabolism and sweat of the human are not affected.

Does depilation by 808 diode lasers damage the skin?

No damage. The skin of the human body is a relatively transparent structure. Clinical trials by plastics and cosmetic experts have shown that the skin is made of a powerful laser made of transparent cellophane so that the laser can penetrate very gently into the hair follicles. Since the hair follicle contains many melanins, it can first absorb a large amount of laser energy and eventually convert it into heat energy, increasing the temperature of the hair follicle. To achieve the purpose of destroying the hair follicle function. In this process, the skin itself is not damaged because the skin absorbs no laser energy or only a small amount of laser energy.

Fifth, is the hair getting darker after depilation with 808 diode lasers?

After laser treatment or intensive light treatment, the remaining hair becomes thinner and brighter, and it does not darken and darken. And those who use these methods for a long time, such as shaving, plucking, depilating ointment, wax paper dewaxing, etc., are starting to get thicker, harder, and darker.

Sixth, is the depilation effect of the 808 diode laser the same for all people and all parts?

The frequency of depilation by the diode laser hair removal machine is closely related to the position, color, thickness, and skin type. The whiter the skin, the darker the hair, the thicker the part reflects better and the better the depilation effect.

Seven: 808 diode Laser Hair Removal Painless Hair Removal Immediately after sunbathing?

After hair removal, it is not suitable for immediate sunbathing. After shaving, hair follicles and cuticles collapse and the protective function of the skin surface decreases accordingly. Therefore, it is not suitable for immediate sunbathing. When the extraction method is used, the epidermis becomes instantly hyperemic when pulling out the hair, which is mildly sensitive, and further stimulation of the skin should be avoided.


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