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Scar, what is it?

The scar is a physical, biological, chemical, and another factor that damages human skin and soft tissue, leading to severe skin and soft tissue damage that can not be completely self-repaired but rather compromise appearance by replacing fibrous tissue repair also the local symptoms.

Scarring causes great physical and mental pain in patients, especially burns, scalds, and scars after severe trauma. The scar allows the patient to become unhappy, and the period of shrinkage renders the patient unrecognizable and malfunctioning, resulting in patients with large physical and cordial double obstructions.

Scars, CO2 fractional laser that helps you to solve.

Normal tissue creates thermal bridges, the skin initiates a wound repair mechanism, a large number of newborn collagen, so that the structure of the dermis frame is reconstructed and the damaged by skin scars damaged necrotic tissue into tiny fragments, phagocytosed by the body, so is excreted for the purpose of calming To reach scars.

Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser treatment and efficacy comparable to orthopedic surgery and trauma, short recovery time, side effects, so that patients are more likely to accept.

Now a scar in the market comparison:
1, the difference between the microneedle wheel and CO2 fractional laser.
Differences: The depth of the treatment depends on the severity of the manipulator, the treatment effect can not be guaranteed; no photothermal effect, no obvious stimulating effect on the proliferation and recombination of skin collagen and elastic fibers; Pinholes squeeze, pinhole distance can not be set; At the risk of infection.

2, the difference between microdermabrasion and CO2 fractional laser.
Microdermabrasion instrument treatment.
Differences: microdermabrasion treatment depth is not enough, only for superficial wrinkles and scars, pits scar treatment effect is not obvious; physical friction, easy to normal skin tissue damage; can aggravate the scar; a single The effect is not obvious, you must be treated repeatedly; No photothermal effect, no collagen hyperplasia

3, the difference between high-frequency electric meter and Fractional CO2 Laser machine.
Electric high-frequency knife treatment instrument.
Accidental "burning" during treatment.
Different points: only for the minor and superficial position of the scar or the mole; easy to stay after the "croaking" scar; Safety risks, easily burn the skin.


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