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Many customers have many questions about photo rejuvenation
"Is it addictive?"
"Can the skin be sensitive?"
"Will the skin be thin?"
"Can it burn my skin?"
It requires that you fully understand the photo rejuvenation

Photorejuvenation is a trick?

IPL skin rejuvenation machine by photons is referred to as intense pulsed light (IPL).
Direct translation is intense pulsed light.

What is IPL?

The core of "IPL" is the light wave stimulation.
Principle of the selective photothermal effect.

The delivery of intense pulsed light with longer wavelengths can penetrate deeper into the skin and cause photo-thermal and photochemical effects, allowing the collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the skin to rearrange and regenerate and restore elasticity.

Photo skin rejuvenation especially for which skin diseases?

1. Aging Population: The skin sags downwards, fine lines and wrinkles appear, and the skin gradually shows an aging state.
2, yellow skin: skin is not shiny, yellow, hair, lose elasticity.
3, rough skin: large pores, acne marks, pores expansion of blood.

Hot topics of photorejuvenation

1. Does the light rejuvenation make the skin sensitive?

Answer: No. Many people believe that light rejuvenation makes the skin thinner. The skin is not protected by the "old skin". It becomes sensitive, not heat resistant, impatient and sensitive to cosmetics.

In fact, this is not the case. Although photo-rejuvenation accelerates the evaporation of water in the short term due to the action of light and heat, it promotes the peeling of the stratum corneum and sometimes forms tiny microdefects. But all "damage" is under control and will be restored soon. The newly healed skin has a well-structured and healthy function, so that the skin is not sensitive by a light rejuvenation.

2. Does the skin become thinner due to light rejuvenation?

Answer: No. Many people believe that photo rejuvenation scalds the skin and destroys the delicate cuticle just as the wall cladding is cut and thinned. In reality, intense pulsed light (photorejuvenation) activates fibroblasts in the skin and increases the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid). When these new collagens and elastins are rearranged, the skin becomes more elastic, lighter and firmer, with fewer wrinkles and fine pores. Therefore, the laser skin beauty not only makes the skin thinner but also thicker, more compact, elastic and younger.

Will it burn my skin?

Answer: No, cold gel is applied before treatment to prevent skin burns.

The amelioration of skin problems is not a one-day improvement. Although the role of photo rejuvenation is obvious, it should be gradual and stressful. When choosing IPL photorejuvenation machine, we should also pay attention to daily care (such as adequate nutrition, adequate sleep, etc.). If you do not pay attention to repair and maintenance, the photo rejuvenation can be effective, but your bad habits have destroyed these "efforts."

Are you still using different image software to calm down?

Do not live in the filter and follow the "cheater"
Experience IPL photo rejuvenation
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