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Red wine pop beads, like yogurt pop beads, is also a very popular one. Compared with yogurt pop beads, this one is slightly more powerful. The smoke oil content is 3mg and the nicotine content is 0 Carton Of Cigarettes. 2mg (yogurt is 1mg and 0. 1mg respectively), so the fragrance It's also thicker than yogurt, and there will be a hint of mint cool. After smoking a house and the mouth is full of lingering fragrance. The double-layer filter is absorbed by activated carbon Wholesale Cigarettes. The filter is really thin and the mouth will not have The big smell of smoke, on the contrary, makes the mouth fresher. The flavor of the pop-beads is more varied Parliament Cigarettes. The pop-beads in red wine are based on the creamy flavor and the taste of French red wine. Generally speaking, the taste is lighter. But everyone else smelled it smelling good. Tower red wine burst beads. Both men and women like it. The taste is very good. 3mg of tar is very suitable. This model is very suitable for men and women with light cigarette addiction. Especially suitable for ladies to start a smoke. The light fragrance and the aroma of red wine are a perfect combination. 1. The overall packaging is simple, without warning, a little refreshing, and it also brings some Korean aesthetics. 2. The whole cigarette feels clean, the filter has no special pattern decoration, the cigarette holder has a focus reduction hole, the length of the filter is about 1/3 of the length of the whole cigarette, and the red wine pop beads are small in size, not like black ice. Big.
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