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The main factors affecting Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) equipment are:

1. Mechanical processing speed. The processing speed of rice huller equipment also has a corresponding impact on the quality of rice flour. The lower the speed, the less likely the nutrients are destroyed, and the more nutritious the rice flour is.

2. The degree of crushing of materials. When the rice huller equipment is operated, the length of the ground area increases as the rolling distance decreases. At this time, the number of teeth of the fast roll to the material increases and the degree of pulverization increases, but the unit flow rate of the flour equipment is correspondingly reduced.

3. The height of the grinding teeth. During the grinding process, as the grinding teeth gradually wear, the material is not easily caught by the grinding teeth, and the sliding on the surface of the grinding roller increases, that is, the speed at which the material moves in the grinding region decreases, and the height of the grinding teeth decreases. The material in the gap between the two grinding teeth is reduced, so that the output of the rice huller equipment is gradually reduced.

4. The moisture content of rice. If the moisture in the milled rice is too high, the production of the powder mill will be reduced. After the rice is washed, if it is still very moist, the rice is not dried during the processing of the rice huller equipment. Therefore, the processed flour is moist. However, too moist rice will affect the production of processed flour.

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By lianggong
Added Dec 24 '18



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