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With the emergence of the advantages of Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) equipment, many people choose to buy their equipment, but few people know its specific use advantages, do not know what to consider when purchasing if you have such questions, you can Find the answer in today's article.

Pay attention to the purchase of paddy cleaner equipment:

First, the product cost performance:

Buying rice must consider cost performance, product sales processing is an important factor to consider, but not as cheap as possible, because any mechanical product requires a certain production cost. As the saying goes, "a penny, a piece of goods", is the relationship between product quality and price.

Second, after-sales service quality:

When purchasing rice, you must consider the quality of after-sales service of the production company. Although rice is a simple product, the machine will malfunction if it is operated for a long time. Therefore, before the purchase, it is necessary to examine the after-sales service of the enterprise, and then decide which company and which brand of product to buy.

Third, a detailed observation of the appearance quality of the product:

Observe whether the product is deformed from vertical and horizontal angles, whether the painted surface is uniform, whether there are defects such as leakage coating, serious sag, air bubbles, etc., whether the machine welding parts, sheet metal parts, and plating parts are smooth and smooth.

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