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The steel material of the Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is generally 718 or 2738, and it has to undergo multiple processing steps such as forging, CNC milling, roughing, quenching and tempering, and CNC milling. The plastics in the crate are generally plastics such as HDPE and PP.

The crate mould is generally a four-point hot runner, and the pusher plate is ejected. The advantages of using hot runners are: 1. Material saving, no need to cut gates, and then crush. 2. Speed up the cycle and increase production efficiency. 3. Reduce costs in the long run.

The crate mould has the following special requirements: 1. The exhaust effect is better, otherwise the plastic products will have black spots, etc., and the burnt will be severe. 2. The superimposed effect is better, the superimposed does not shake. 3. The line is better, no grind. 4. The mould should be highly polished, because the crates are daily necessities, so there should be no flash, burrs, etc., to avoid scratching the skin.

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