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Custom Goal Explosions have been a request since the game first arrived on PS4 and PC, and soon players will be able to get them. Unfortunately they will be offered only in crates, which are opened via purchased keys. If you’re not a fan of the random nature of loot crates, you can always trade with other players, usually offering a few dollars worth of  Rocket League Keys keys for whatever particular item you’re looking for.

A new map will also be added, for free as always. “‘Champions Field’ celebrates the pure competition found in Rocket League, complete with a massive statue featuring our shield logo, triple-decker seating (a must in any modern sports entertainment complex), and enough stadium lighting to make your match visible from outer space!”

Those who care about their rank also have something to celebrate. The Rocket League Anniversary Update will end Season 4, giving players their rewards based on the highest rank they achieved. Competitive Season 5 will then begin. This has been one of the game’s shortest competitive seasons, though with how long Season 3 lasted, it’s likely meant to get them back to a regular schedule.