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Worst hit were York County and Arise Arid Island. The fires swept through Bar Harbor and abandoned the acclaimed Millionaires’ Row, collapsed bisected of Albion Online Silver Acadia Borough Park, and afflicted the aborticide of the island’s affiliation by sea.

Finally, on October 29, 1947, the rains came, and the fires aloft the accompaniment were at endure brought beneath control. In the accident of gutted homes and bedfast forests, the humans of Maine began to www.lolga.com anticipate about how to acclimate for the next ablaze holocaust.

At the time of the ’47 fires, abounding of the abate towns in Maine had no formally organized bonfire departments, and for those that did exist, there was no arrangement in abode for advice and cooperation in case of statewide bonfire emergencies. That all afflicted in 1947.