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The gate form also has an effect on shrinkage. When a small gate is used, the shrinkage of the plastic part increases because the gate cures before the pressure is maintained. The cooling circuit structure in the Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is also the key to the mould design. If the cooling circuit is not properly designed, the shrinkage is caused by temperature unevenness of the plastic part, with the result that the size of the plastic part is too large or deformed. In thin-walled parts, the influence of furniture mould temperature distribution on shrinkage is more pronounced.

Factors such as parting surface, gate shape and furniture mould size directly affect flow direction, density distribution, packing and shrinkage, and moulding time.

The use of a direct gate or a large cross-section gate can reduce shrinkage, but has a large anisotropy, shrinks small in the flow direction, and contracts in the vertical flow direction; conversely, when the gate thickness is small, the gate portion condenses prematurely. After hardening, the plastic in the cavity can not be replenished in time, and the shrinkage rate is large.

The point gate is fast-sealed. When the state of the workpiece is allowed, a multi-point gate can be provided, which can effectively extend the residence time and increase the cavity pressure, thereby reducing the shrinkage rate.

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In the process of using the injection moulding machine and the air cooler mould, it is inevitable that some product quality accidents will be lost, such as the flow marks on the surface of the Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) leaving the cable traces, then the causes of the plastic injection moulding products and the flow marks of the solution. What is it?

First of all, the reason for the flow marks in plastic injection products is that the flow marks generated by the materials do not reach the injection pressure and speed, making the material flow slow. The effect of air cooler mould convection marking:

1. Air cooler mould surface temperature is too low, easy to produce flow marks

2. Factors affecting the size and number of runners and gates

3. Air cooler mould exhaust must be sufficient

Effect of moulding conditions

1. The tube temperature is too low, the temperature of the molten plastic is also low, the fluidity of the material is lowered, and flow marks are easily formed in the flow direction.

2. The material circulation time is unreasonable. If the material circulation time is too short, the melt temperature will be low, the fluidity of the filler will be deteriorated, and flow marks will easily occur.

3. The material stays in the tube for insufficient time, the material temperature is too low, the material is not easy to fill, and flow marks are also formed.

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The mould company tells you that Table Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) processing has the following basic characteristics:

The machining accuracy is high. A pair of moulds generally consists of a die, a punch and a die, and some may be more split modules. Therefore, the combination, the lower die, the combined block and the cavity, require high machining accuracy to separate between the modules.

In small batches, mould production is not produced in batches, and in many cases it is often only produced one.

The shape is complicated, and some products such as automobile parts, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, the surface shape is determined by various curved surfaces, and therefore, the cavity surface is very complicated. Some surfaces must be processed mathematically.

Process, table mould processing must use milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping. High hardness, excellent mould material, the main material of the mould is made of high quality alloy steel, especially the long life of the mould, often using Crl2, CrWMn and Leysite steel. This forged, machined and heat treated steel has stringent requirements.

Repeated operation, when using a table mould is to use a mould during its service life, it must be replaced with a new mould, so mould production is usually repeated.

Sectional drawings, sometimes without pattern mould production, no data, and processing materials according to profiles. This requires imitation precision and no distortion.

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In the stamping process, if the Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) strength design is insufficient or the force is not uniform, the mould orientation is poor, there is foreign matter between the tilt or the template, and the mould clamping is not flexible or even stuck. At this point, it is necessary to stop production, find out the cause of the card, and eliminate the malfunction. Otherwise, the fault will expand and the air cooler mould will be damaged.

Whether the metal stamping die manufacturing material and its heat treatment process are suitable, has a great influence on the quality of the air cooler mould. If the quenching temperature of the stamping die is too high, the quenching method and time are unreasonable, the number of tempering and the temperature are not suitable, and the elbow of the elbow is not suitable. Improper selection will cause the mould to damage the mould after entering the stamping process and damage the quality of the metal stamping.

In the process of air cooler mould processing, if the foreign matter enters the stamping die, the parts overlap, the waste is clogged, etc., but the mould is still in use, it is easy to cause the punching plate, the punch, the lower template and the mould guide column to be damaged.

When the size or depth of the air cooler mould blank hole is insufficient, it is easy to block the groove and cause damage to the punching plate. If the spring force design is too small or the height is not equal, the spring will break and the baffle will tilt, resulting in overlapping stamping and component damage. Incorrect fixing of the punch or insufficient strength of the screw can cause the punch to fall or rupture and damage the air cooler mould.

When using an air cooler mould, the position and orientation of the part are not installed correctly or the bolts are not fixed. If the working height is adjusted too low, the guide column is not sufficiently lubricated, the feeding equipment is faulty, the press is abnormal, etc., the stamping die may be damaged.

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Different types of Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), different types of moulded plastics (same type of mould), different assembly methods vary with different start and precision requirements. Therefore, the assembly drawing and part drawing should be carefully studied before assembly. Determine the assembly baseline by understanding the function, characteristics, and technical requirements of each component. After careful assembly, all quality indicators of the product have been achieved, including the accuracy of the mould movement and other technical requirements during use.

Assembly standard

Assembly data refers to the data used to determine the relative position of parts or components in a product during assembly. It can be broadly divided into:

(1) Main working parts, such as cores, cavities and inserts, shall be used as assembly reference parts;

(2) Take the template side base surface of the guide sleeve or mould as the assembly base surface.

2. Assembly accuracy

Assembly accuracy refers to geometric accuracy, machining accuracy, and motion accuracy after assembly. The assembly accuracy of the chair mould includes:

(1) mutual accuracy of each part, such as distance dimensional accuracy, coaxiality, equality, verticality, etc.;

(2) Relative motion accuracy, such as transmission accuracy, linear motion and rotational motion accuracy;

(3) matching accuracy and contact accuracy, such as matching gap and overflow contact conditions;

(4) The wall thickness of the plastic moulded part. When manufacturing a new mould, the wall thickness of the moulded part should deviate from the lower limit of the size.

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The Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) layout inspection project is an important part. In the face of the chair mould layout design, it is necessary to carefully analyze and study the layout design. After the completion of the layout design, it will be repeatedly reviewed to prevent cracks. Once found, improve the design and correct the errors in different parts of the layout to check and content. Different.

In general, the chair mould layout inspection items have the following types: 1 Check whether it is necessary to meet the required assembly position in the mould strength and open mode, and should minimize the empty station and check whether the material utilization rate is the best utilization plan. Precision parts can ensure the accuracy of the parts due to the feeding accuracy of the stripping material. The positioning accuracy and precision of the mould will affect the dimensional deviation of the parts. The size of the high-precision joints should be in the same position of the forming or take other measures to ensure the accuracy of the parts. Such as the flatness and verticality required for the product.

In addition to the chair mould structure, it should be noted that the necessary process should be added to ensure that the progressive die adaptive structure of more than four die structures is used for the splicing type of single piece, segment or sub-module, such as the determination of the chair mould structure should check the layout Whether it is suitable for the requirements of 5 bending depth stretching forming process, such as moulding, due to the flow of material, can cause material flow Oude hole and shape deformation material flow Oude hole and shape should be placed in the deformation process, or increase the dressing process from above Look at the project, the reliability of the carrier strength, the parts have formed parts have any influence on the feed, the burr direction is bending deformation, the curve line of the curved part material is vertical or 45°, e tc. These small also need to be checked in place"

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Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) design is an important part of the large-scale product development process. Because product and mould design are interdependent, it is useful for product design engineers and mould design engineers to understand the development of plastic parts, the mould design process, and the mould manufacturing process. Typical stages of product development include: product definition, product design, experience and product development, capacity enhancement, and marketing.

Although the product development process is complex, most have the following three key attributes:

1. Develop a systematic development plan to ensure the perfection of design and manufacturing.

2. Establish a checkpoint process to avoid risks by effectively assessing budget allocations in key areas of the project.

3. The product development process is divided into multiple stages through the approval fee level. The next phase evaluates the previous phase.

(1) Product definition

The product development process begins with an analysis of the market, an understanding of competitor product standards, a definition of product specifications, and an assessment of potential profits.

(2) Product design

If the project is approved and budgeted, the product development process will continue, often requiring additional funding and then further analysis and design.

(3) Development of business and production

Crate mould design and manufacturing is the focus of the plastics industry and is included in the “Mould Making” campaign.

(4) Zoom in and put into production

Use a high-level management review to verify that the design and production plan of the product being developed is clear.

(5) mould design function

Mould quotation, mould design, and mould manufacturing support large product development processes.

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The runner supplies the plastic directly to the finished product and the runner adheres to the finished product. In the Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) of the two plates, the large water outlet is usually one, but in the design of the crate mould of the three plates or hot runners, it can be a plurality of water outlets.

Disadvantage: The appearance of the finished product will be affected by the appearance of the watermark formed on the surface of the finished product.

The angle of the demolding nozzle and the length of the nozzle:

The diameter of the nozzle is affected by the diameter of the nozzle. The spray angle of the nozzle should not be less than 3 degrees. Therefore, only the length of the nozzle can be shortened, and the length of the nozzle can be lengthened.

Gate selection:

The gate is the connection between the runner and the cavity and is the last part of the crates mould supply system. Its basic functions are:

The molten plastic from the runner enters the entire cavity as quickly as possible.

After filling the cavity, the gate can be quickly cooled and closed to prevent the cavity from flowing back uncooled plastic.

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