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With the acceleration of urbanization, LED street lights have already entered people's vision. Nowadays, LED street lights can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys of big cities, which adorn the night sky of cities. However, it is still not fully utilized because of its own limitations. In order to ensure that LED street lights can play a more important role in our life, Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) should solve the following problems in future research, production and application:

First, the appearance and structure of lights. The appearance of traditional street lights is basically the same, generally divided into two parts: light source and electrical appliance. However, due to the particularity of LED light source and different light distribution methods, the appearance of LED street lights can be described as a variety of patterns, many of which cannot meet the operation requirements, and even some enterprises apply indoor standards to outdoor street lights.

Second, there are problems in the connection between LED lights and light poles. At present, almost all LED street lights are fixed by screws, and few are fixed by hoop bolts. In this way, there are great hidden dangers for the safe operation of lights.

Third: the replaceable problem of light components. LED street light components generally include LED chips, power supplies (drivers) and light housings. The vulnerable parts are mainly power supply and chip. Generally speaking, the LED light chip cannot be replaced, and the power supply (driver) can be replaced. However, many products are not convenient enough to replace the power supply (driver) and the replacement is too time-consuming.

As we all know, the life of LED lights can reach 30,000-50,000 hours. If the LED chip cannot be replaced, it means replacing the whole light and causing waste.

Fourth: the life of power supply (driver). Power supply (driver) is a key component of LED lights. However, the quality of LED chips is generally guaranteed in the market at present, while the life of power supply (driver) is another matter. General manufacturers promise to guarantee 2 years is good. This is because the development of LED street lights has encountered a new bottleneck-the quality of power supply (driver) cannot be guaranteed, which restricts the development of LED street lights.

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