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Although Solar led street light(CLASSIC) has many advantages and is widely used, they must also present some problems. For example, what happens if a solar led street light works at low temperatures?

The minimum cross-sectional area of ??the wires used on solar led street lamps is greater than 0.5 square millimeters. In cold environments, low temperatures may trigger wire breakage below this standard, resulting in a short circuit that causes the wire to burn and the insulation to burn out. Therefore, wires larger than 0.5 mm2 must be used to prevent such safety hazards.

The solar led street light should be established according to the temperature variation characteristics of the solar street lamp in the specific use environment, and the packaging process parameters including ultrasonic power, bonding pressure, bonding time and the like. Bonding temperature setting. The solar street lamp assembly with a simple shape, compact structure, waterproof surface, and excellent hydrophobic overall performance is selected.

In cold regions, solar led street lamp manufacturers often overlook the problem of cheap solar led street lights. The surface of solar lights is covered with ice and snow. Once formed by the melting of ice, there will be a very large safety hazard for vehicles and pedestrians. Especially for inexpensive solar led street lamps, since the lamp envelope is usually made of aluminum, the surface of the alumina is a hydrophilic material, which is more likely to cause ice condensation. In order to avoid such safety hazards, it is necessary to use a solar led street lamp assembly which has a simple structure, limited structure, waterproof surface area, and excellent hydrophobic performance.

Solar led street lights to use batteries. Gel or lithium batteries have an operating temperature of -40 ° C to 60 ° C. In low-temperature environments, battery performance may also decline, so choose a reliable solar cell supplier.

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You are looking for public lighting(CLASSIC) ideas because you want to "dress up" your office building, municipal park or California or Nevada residence. After all, spring is finally here, and you and your team finally have the energy (and budget) to go to the key items on your to-do list.

Public lighting design is an art and science. You may have a lot of "smart ideas" about how to build a lighting solution that protects it from the elements and makes it energy efficient. But keep in mind that the lighting schemes you dream of on the board may actually need to be changed during the implementation phase.

A great public lighting plan should take advantage of the natural shadows and light of the space and use the landscape itself (and nearby elements) to achieve a smart effect. For example, you might want to illuminate a light in a relatively unsafe or dark area. Or choose a focus, such as beautiful shrubs or trees - to create effects. Or use lights to guide visitors through the hotel. Finally, lighting can create a specific mood, or just entertain/please the visitor.

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Berkeley is the latest company in California to add LED public lighting to its community. Supported by the California Lighting and Technology Center at the University of California at Davis and Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) initiative, the city will replace approximately 8,000 traditional street lights with decorative LED street lights by the end of 2014.

These LED streetlight projects represent the latest in providing state-of-the-art streetlights. The advantages of LEDs and traditional street lights include:

higher efficiency. Compared to old lamps, the energy consumption of LED street lamps is reduced by 65% ??to 80%, which reduces the carbon emissions of each town.

Longer life. The new LED street light lasts for 10 years or more and has a significant improvement over the old one. Now, cities will save money on supplies and labor and make workers safer.

Brighter light. LED streetlights project brighter, less yellow light, giving pedestrians and drivers a greater view. The plan costs about $3.5 million, and the city intends to repay the state's loans with an energy cost of about $400,000 a year.

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Electricity will increase the cost of electricity in the city. If there is anything that can reduce this cost, it is an LED street light. Choose the Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) you like because they have a lot and buy your work to illuminate any area.

With LED street lights, the city can get more benefits. When it comes to the light produced by LED streetlights, it has proven to be at least four times more efficient at providing brighter illumination. In addition, it consumes less energy because it has few components to illuminate. In addition, it has a longer life than all other forms of illumination available and available on the market. This also means spending less money on new bulbs.

Urban security is the most important issue today. The use of LED street lights can be assured because LED street lights are protected from high thermal power and the possibility of fire is greatly reduced. The risk of an explosion is negligible.

If you are considering installing the best LED street lights, not ordinary incandescent lights. You will be able to see changes in electricity bills and enjoy better results and brightness without risk.

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Our enthusiasm for helping companies and municipalities develop Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) projects comes from the belief that LED technology can help municipalities and individuals save money, reduce waste, improve the aesthetics of space, and encourage other companies and cities to get rid of inefficiencies and waste. technology.

Let's explore some very good benefits of LED lighting:

LED bulbs can be used for up to 100,000 hours. This is more than 11 years of continuous use! If you only use one LED bulb for 12 hours a day (for example, overnight), the bulb can last for twenty years.

LEDs are extremely energy efficient - up to 90% efficient. In other words, only 10% of the energy is wasted as heat. At the same time, traditional light bulbs typically waste 80% or more of their electricity as heat.

LEDs do not contain toxic elements (such as mercury).

LEDs do not emit ultraviolet radiation, which can damage artwork or architectural elements.

LEDs can withstand harsh environments, including very hot and cold temperatures.

The LED can be powered by a low voltage power supply.

You can turn the LEDs on and off without shortening the life cycle or damaging the quality of the light emitted.

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Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is used in three main types of solar cells, namely lithium batteries, batteries (such as lead-acid batteries) and primary batteries (such as solid electrolyte batteries). Lithium batteries have great energy-saving benefits, making them widely used. Among them, the life of lithium batteries is longer than two. People's service life is increasingly favored by the solar light industry. Therefore, the following reasons explain why we choose lithium battery solar led street light.

1. Lithium battery solar led street light is green. The lithium battery is a dry battery type with no pollution and no memory effect. It does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other elements that may pollute the environment. It is more stable and safer than lead-acid batteries.

2. Intelligent optimization calculation and affordable power consumption distribution: Solar led street light lithium battery can be intelligently calculated according to battery remaining capacity, day and night working size, weather conditions and so on. People's needs, the ability to properly allocate the ability to achieve light management, time control, and memory characteristics can ensure at least 10 rainy days.

3. Lithium batteries have a long life. It differs from lead-acid batteries that need to be replaced in two or three years. Lithium batteries generally last for more than 10 years. It can generally reach more than 500 times, or even more, than 1000 times, lithium iron phosphate can reach more than 2000 times. In solar led street lighting systems, LED light sources typically last up to 10 years (about 50,000 hours). In other words, it perfectly matches the system, eliminating the cumbersome process of replacing batteries frequently.

4. The lithium battery weighs very light, about 1 / 6-1 / 5 of the equivalent volume of lead-acid products. This greatly saves the transportation costs of domestic and foreign customers running the solar light business.

5. Lithium battery operating temperature is 25 ~ 45 ° C, with the improvement of electrolyte and anode, it is expected to widen to -40 ~ 70 ° C. Can be used in bad weather.

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The California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) recently implemented a new program to replace 40,000 incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs over the next two years. Newly approved traffic lights are gradually rising throughout the state, providing cities, their residents with brighter, more energy-efficient, and more sustainable public lighting(CLASSIC).

Among the many positive effects provided by LED street lighting, California residents and municipalities are expected to see the following benefits, such as:

Reduce energy use. California's Caltrans LED public lighting has reduced electricity consumption by 60% compared to previous incandescent lighting, reducing electricity bills by between $25 million and $30 million.

Strengthen public safety. LED public lighting is brighter and more prominent, providing greater visibility on roads and public spaces.

Reduce your carbon footprint. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by new street lights each year will be equivalent to a difference of 10,000 tons per year, providing a healthier environment.

The bulb lasts longer. On average, high pressure sodium lamps last about 4 years. In contrast, LED bulbs can be used for 15 years or more, and can be increased by almost 400%. This means lower maintenance costs and less traffic for workers.

Reduce disposal hazards. Because LED lamps are free of lead, mercury or other toxic chemicals, they are less risky to the environment.

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Home and corporate lighting systems are the biggest concern for consuming the most power. It's important to make sure that the store is brightly lit so that the merchandise is displayed correctly and has an enticing effect. As a result, Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) now offer high beam downlights to manage corporate and home lighting systems.

LED street lights manufacturers provide solutions that reduce lighting and utility bills by up to 80%. This is a new era lighting solution that can be used in old and new retention units, as well as other existing stores to replace old and traditional lights. Compared to halogen bulbs, LED bulbs use relatively little energy. Most importantly, these bulbs don't heat up too much and don't feel hot.

Buying LED street lights can be a recurring expense, and buying LEDs can prevent you from spending money for a long time. Once you buy these lights, it will last a long time, providing you with world-class lighting.

One of the biggest advantages of buying LED street lights is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes them useful. You can install these lights in any part of your home or office and enjoy the bright lights day and night. The advantages of retrofitting and reducing power (such as operating costs) make these lamps the most viable solution available today.

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If you are rebuilding or renting a Bay Area apartment, or exploring a solution for Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) for the municipality, you may be surprised by the interesting ways of using LED public lighting in building renovations.

This is the strategy you need to get the most out of your retrofit or replacement lighting.

First, determine the purpose and transformation of the building.

What is your lighting needs?

What do you want to light up?

What are the limits of your planning/construction budget?

How soon do you need to complete the project?

How much does the lighting solution need to be unified?

Do you have any areas that are difficult to maintain or difficult to reach?

Know your choice.

LED public lighting has a strong advantage over other lighting solutions. For example, LEDs have a much longer life than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps. This gives you the opportunity to dramatically reduce maintenance requirements and release the calendar while reducing costs.

Do due diligence.

Think about possible problems and resolve these emergencies. Depending on the structure you are rebuilding or renovating, you may need to comply with state, municipal, and local regulations and regulations.

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Solar led street light(CLASSIC) to provide illumination for many different applications. Some are for motion, some are marker lights along the path, and some are even for darker and problematic areas. Solar led street light can be used in a variety of applications by offering different options and customizable features.

Areas that require additional security typically use floodlights or overhead lights. They are either off or can be set to a lower wattage until they are activated by the action. The indicator lights up when motion is detected. This is great in apps that have little movement at night, but it needs to be increased in security.

The marker lights along the way are also great. These lights are not always able to provide uniform illumination in one area but to show you where the channel is. This is suitable for trails and sidewalks in a region. It can even provide lighting. However, more lights are added along the path.

Lights for playgrounds and gazebo areas are also a good way to ensure regional safety and security. There are many parks and playgrounds near dusk. However, people are still packing their bags or are still using parks, such as neighborhood parks or parks that open later, and need to be illuminated at night until the park is vacant. These lights can be set to run at full intensity for a certain period of time and then use adaptive lighting for the rest of the night to provide additional security for law enforcement.

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