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Depilação permanente: LASER VS IPL

Tanto o laser quanto o IPL são métodos para reduzir e prevenir o crescimento do cabelo por meio de técnicas que desabilitam os folículos pilosos. Ambos os métodos usam energia térmica e luz para destruir e destruir os folículos pilosos sob a pele. No entanto, seus métodos são diferentes, e a laser hair removal é amplamente considerada um método mais eficaz.

Para entender por que a depilação a laser é mais eficaz que a IPL ou fototerapia com pulso intenso, é importante entender como cada técnica funciona.

IPL O IPL produz uma ampla gama de luz, com camadas rasas penetrando na pele. Esse amplo espectro é difuso e não tem como alvo nenhum aspecto específico do cabelo. Alguns comprimentos de onda de luz são absorvidos pelo cabelo, fazendo com que o folículo piloso aqueça e quebre, enquanto o resto é refletido. Apenas parte da energia gerada durante o IPL pode afetar o cabelo, tornando-o um método menos eficaz de depilação do que o tratamento com laser.

Vale a pena notar que, ocasionalmente, o IPL é chamado de tratamento com laser IPL. Isso pode ser enganoso porque o feixe produzido pelo IPL é de amplo espectro de luz e não envolve a luz do laser.

Tratamento a laser

O laser produz um único comprimento de onda concentrado de luz que penetra profundamente na pele e atinge o fundo do folículo piloso.

Os comprimentos de onda utilizados na terapia a laser são especificamente utilizados para direcionar a melanina nos folículos pilosos. Ao contrário do IPL, o IPL utiliza um método mais disperso, no qual apenas parte da luz é absorvida pelo folículo piloso. O feixe estreito usado na terapia a laser é direcionado, preciso e eficaz - toda a energia usada na terapia é usada para reduzir / eliminar a finalidade do crescimento capilar.

Qual é melhor, IPL ou laser?

Como você pode ver nos diferentes métodos de tratamento que afetam o cabelo

Ruptura folicular, depilação a laser fornece um método mais direcionado e direto. Também fornece resultados mais duradouros, e o IPL exigirá tratamento suplementar contínuo e regular.

A depilação a laser também é adequada para cabelos que não são eficazes no tratamento de IPL, especialmente cabelos grosseiros ou grossos. Isso ocorre porque o feixe-alvo atinge o folículo, e a luz do IPL não penetra efetivamente nesses tipos de cabelo para gerar calor suficiente.

Então, por que algumas clínicas têm IPL em vez de laser? Uma das principais razões é a redução de custos. Uma única máquina IPL pode tratar muitas condições da pele, incluindo pêlos excessivos, pigmentação e capilares, mas não as trata como um laser especializado, como o Diode 808 Laser for hair removal. Vários lasers custam muito mais do que uma única máquina de IPL.

Se você precisar de mais informações sobre lasers e IPL, sinta-se à vontade para entrar em contato com a SKEILY.com. Como um verdadeiro fabricante de equipamentos de beleza para médicos CE e FDA, você terá o conselho mais profissional sobre qual máquina escolher.



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Saturday brings us another full slate, with four early games and 12 late. Cheap Addias Nmd . Fortunately, all of the big-name pitchers youll want to consider have evening start times, so you dont have to worry about limited DFS availability for any of the hurlers youll want to target. With that said, who exactly should you be targeting in your cash games and tournaments? Lets dive in and find out.PitchingEliteTop billing on Saturdays slate goes to Noah Syndergaard, who draws a home start against Philadelphia. Thor had been somewhat uninspiring over the past month, but he bounced back his most recent time out to throw eight shutout innings against the Giants. And now he finds himself in a highly appealing spot, facing a Phillies team thats one of the worst in baseball against right-handed pitching (84 wRC+) and is whiffing 23 percent of the time in the second half and 24 percent in August. Syndergaard hasnt fanned double-digit batters in a game since mid-June, but thats certainly in play in this matchup.Like Syndergaard, Carlos Carrasco entered his most recent start in a bit of a funk, as hed held a 6.23 ERA over his previous five outings. However, he rebounded by spinning eight shutout frames with nine Ks against Oakland on Monday. Hell look to carry that success into Saturdays outing against Texas. The Rangers might be one of the best teams in the AL, but theyve been below average against righty pitching this season, and the offense has really struggled in August (87 wRCt+). I prefer Syndergaard in cash games, but Carrasco is very much in play.David Prices 59 game score technically leaves him just short of the elite tier, but Im giving him the bump. His home matchup against Kansas City warrants it. Since the All-Star break, the Royals have been by far the worst offensive team in baseball, sporting a 74 wRC+. They do make more contact against left-handed pitching, but a 22 percent whiff rate in August leaves plenty of room for a strikeout upside. For his part, Price owns a 3.21 ERA since the break and is coming off one of his best starts of the season, a performance that included eight shutout innings and just two hits allowed against Tampa Bay.SolidDallas Keuchels up-and-down season makes him tough to trust in cash formats, but his home matchup against Tampa is too good to ignore. Not only are the Rays below average against lefty pitching, but they strike out a whopping 26 percent of the time versus southpaws. With a K/9 of 7.8, Keuchel isnt a huge strikeout guy, but this is easily a matchup where he could rack up eight or nine whiffs if hes on his game. Despite Keuchels struggles this year, hes been much more effective at home (3.74 ERA vs. 5.42 ERA on the road), and hes registered game scores north of 70 in two of his past three times out. This is a very intriguing GPP play.If youre not paying up for one of the elite on single-pitcher sites, itll be hard to do much better than Jameson Taillon, who gets a home start versus Milwaukee. The Brewers are decent against right-handers, but that shouldnt deter Tallion, who owns a 2.25 ERA and 0.92 WHIP over his past eight starts. And while the rookie doesnt miss a ton of bats, he whiffed a season-high eight batters against Houston his last time out, and he could easily match that against a Brewers team that strikes out 25 percent of the time.Jose Quintana rarely if ever cracks the top tier, but the stability he offers as a cash-game option shouldnt be understated. The southpaw has posted an ERA of 2.61 or lower in four of five months this season, and hes allowed more than two runs in a start just once in his past seven turns. Against a Mariners offense thats been middle-of-the-road in the second half, Quintana should once again be in the cash-game discussion.Michael Fulmer got roughed up by the Red Sox his most recent time out, but its probably fair to cut the rookie some slack against the best offense in baseball. Prior to that, however, hed posted three straight elite game scores in a row (63, 70, 95). On Saturday, he sets up well against an Angels team thats been rubbing two sticks together in August (86 wRC+). Fulmer should be in the SP2 discussion on multi-pitcher sites.Theres some risk with Blake Snell, who owns an ugly 5.5 BB/9 and is facing an Astros lineup that features plenty of power and hits lefties well. Of course, he also sports a 9.5 K/9, which gives him nice upside against a team that whiffs 23 percent of the time. Im not using Snell in cash games, but he certainly deserves consideration in tournaments.A road matchup against the Red Sox, who smash left-handed pitching, is reason enough to be hesitant with rostering Danny Duffy on Saturday. Then again, the southpaw has been virtually unhittable of late. His past five starts have seen him post a 1.18 ERA, 0.82 WHIP and nearly a strikeout per inning. Duffy makes for a fine play if youre looking to go contrarian.StreamersSince joining Baltimores starting rotation, Dylan Bundy owns a solid 3.56 ERA with 42 Ks in 43 innings. Heading to Yankee Stadium to face the Bronx Bombers would have once been a stay-away situation for a young hurler, but thats the case no longer. After all, the Yankees are one of the worst offensive teams in the American League. Bundy doesnt stand out on a day with so many quality options, though hes much more interesting if youre playing the afternoon slate only. Hes also a quality streaming option available in 42 percent of leagues.Ervin Santana draws an intimidating matchup as he and the Twins head to Toronto to face the Blue Jays. While the Rogers Centre is a hitters haven and the Blue Jays lineup contains plenty of thunder, the Jays have done little offensively in August (93 wRC+) while fanning 27 percent of the time. Thats an appealing spot for Santana, who owns a 2.08 ERA in the second half and is still available in 50 percent of leagues.One of the games top pitching prospects will make his first career start as Alex Reyes toes the rubber in Busch Stadium against the Oakland Athletics. Reyes has been biding time in the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen, and with Mike Leake diagnosed with shingles, Reyes got the nod. Hes been throwing multiple inning stints so hes more stretched out than most reliever, but dont expect more than five, maybe six frames. Still, that could put him in line for a win with Ross Detwiler on the hill for the visitors.HittingWith A.J. Griffin toeing the rubber for the Rangers on Saturday, left-handed Cleveland hitters need to be on your target list. The right-hander, after all, has allowed a .392 wOBA to lefty bats this season. Jason Kipnis, Tyler Naquin, Lonnie Chisenhall and switch-hitters Carlos Santana and Francisco Lindor are all in play.Also get some exposure to left-handed Cardinals hitters against Zach Neal. The righty owns a 7.23 road ERA this season, and hes allowed 18 runs, including five homers, in just 21 2/3 innings against lefty batters. Matt Carpenter and Brandon Moss are the obvious plays, while Kolten Wong and Jeremy Hazelbaker could be cost-effective options if theyre in the lineup.Zack Godley sports a 5.87 ERA as a starter this year, which includes a forgettable performance against the light-hitting Braves his past time out in which he surrendered seven runs in five innings of work. With the Reds in town, lefty hitters Joey Votto, Scott Schebler and switch-hitter Billy Hamilton are all on the map.Its not a Coors Field game, but Jorge de la Rosa has actually been worse on the road this year, sporting a 5.40 ERA away from Coors. The southpaw has had trouble with right-handed batters in his career, and the likes of Trea Turner, Jayson Werth, Wilson Ramos and Anthony Rendon will look to make him pay on Saturday.With a career .387 allowed to hitters on the left side of the plate, its a good time to roster left-handed Giants hitters against Mike Foltynewicz. Take a look at Denard Span, Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford.The late insertion of Brett Oberholtzer into the Los Angeles Angels rotation, replacing Jhoulys Chacin, has the powerful Detroit Tigers licking their chops as the journeyman lefty has surrendered 13 homers in only 56 1/3 innings. Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera, J.D. Martinez and Victor Martinez are in a great spot to pad their already impressive stat lines.Most likely to go yard: Carlos SantanaGriffin has difficulty with left-handed hitters, and switch-hitter Santana has blasted 24 of his 27 homers off righties this year. Looks like the perfect time for the Cleveland slugger to tee off again.Most likely to swipe a bag: Odubel HerreraSyndergaard is the top pitcher of the day, but hes also the worst at keeping runners close. Hes allowed 40 stolen bases this season, 16 more than any other pitcher. Herrera has notched 19 steals this season, and hell look to secure No. 20 here. Cheap Adidas Nmd Shoes For Sale . -- Its been a long road back for Sean Bergenheim. Cheap Wholesale Adidas Nmd Shoes . Ashley Youngs cross was inadvertently headed by Chester into his own net in the 66th minute, allowing United to claim a third straight league win. "We had to dig deep with our fighting spirit and weve done that," United striker Wayne Rooney said. http://www.nmdcheap.com/ . Anthony Davis had 31 points and 17 rebounds in his seventh straight game with more than 20 points, but that was only enough to keep the Pelicans competitive into the final minutes. Andrew Bogut had 10 points and 15 rebounds for Golden State, which rebounded from a loss a night earlier in Oklahoma City and snapped a two-game skid. CHICAGO -- The Los Angeles Kings kept playing through a slew of injuries. They kept coming when the Chicago Blackhawks jumped out to an early lead, and they tried everything to force another home game in the Western Conference finals. They just couldnt find a way this year. Once Chicagos Patrick Kane found his offensive game, it was all over for the defending Stanley Cup champions. Anze Kopitar and Mike Richards scored in the third period for Los Angeles, but Kane netted his third goal of the game 11:40 into the second overtime period to lift Chicago to a 4-3 victory on Saturday night and a spot in the Stanley Cup finals against the Boston Bruins. "You dont take much solace in losing," Kings forward Justin Williams said. "Its a bitter taste. Yeah, we were one of the final four, but that wasnt our goal when we set out to start the season. Were not able to defend what we did last year and thats a frustrating thing." Los Angeles recovered after trailing 2-0 in the first period and 3-2 late in regulation in the longest game in franchise history. Dwight King had a short-handed goal, and Jonathan Quick finished with 31 saves. "We got beat in the conference finals by the best team in the conference, at the end of the day," Kings coach Darryl Sutter said. "We accomplished everything. Once you set the bar up there, then thats your bar. So obviously were disappointed to lose to Chicago, but were certainly not disappointed in how we played." It was Richards first game since he took a big hit from Chicagos Dave Bolland in the series opener, shelving the centre with a suspected concussion. But Sutter vaguely alluded to a handful of injuries, and captain Dustin Brown acknowledged that he tore the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during Game 6 of Los Angeles second-round series against San Jose. Despite the injuries, which Sutter said were typical of a team at this point in the playoffs, the Kings gave themselves a chance. "We played well in the second and third, and even overtime I think we had a lot of chances," Richards said. "But give them credit, they played well and their goaltender made some big saves." Corey Crawford made 33 saves, and Duncan Keith scored in his return from a suspension as the top-seeded Blackhawks eliminated the Kings in five games. Chicago will host the Eastern Conference champion Bruins in Game 1 on Wednesday night. Boston completed a sweep of the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night. "Its a special couple places. The tradition of the Bruins and the Hawks is special," Chicago coach Joel Quenneville said. "Im sure, you know, the rivalry could return instantly come Game 1. I think its good for the league. Its good for hockey. Two great hockey markets. Were very excited to be a part of it." This is the first finals matchup of NHL Original Six franchises since 1979, and it will pit two of the last three champions against each other. Chicago won the Cup in 2010, ending a 49-year drought. Boston captured the title the following year. "Every series presents its challenges,," forward Patrick Sharp said. Adidas Nmd Cheap China. "Watching Boston, theyre rolling right now. Another tough series ahead of us." Kane was in the middle of a quiet post-season when he finished off Bryan Bickells shot for his third playoff goal in Chicagos 3-2 win in Los Angeles on Thursday. The talented forward yelled in relief after that goal and came up with his best performance of the playoffs in Game 5. After Crawford made a couple of big saves in the first overtime, Jonathan Toews carried the puck up the left side during a 2-on-1 rush in the second extra session. He then made a cross-ice pass to Kane, who one-timed a shot past Quick and into the right side. "You know, the shift before, actually Jonny had the same play and the puck fumbled on him," Kane said. "I knew he was coming back to me. Just tried to wait for the defenceman to go by me. Tried to get it off as quick as I could in the net." The rollicking sellout crowd of 22,237 erupted in joy as Kane started the celebration for the Blackhawks. A distraught Quick remained face down on the ice as his teammates emptied the bench for the post-series handshakes. Chicago was poised to finish off Los Angeles in regulation when the Kings scored the tying goal with 9.4 seconds remaining. Kopitar took a long shot from the right side and Richards managed to tip it by Crawford, leading to a celebration for the Kings while the crowd groaned in disbelief. "Hes a big heart-and-soul guy and comes up with a timely goal to push it to overtime, and we just couldnt find a way to get that extra," Kings centre Jarret Stoll said. Crawford used his glove to deny Williams and Jake Muzzin in rapid succession midway through the first overtime. Bickell had an opportunity to end the game at the other end, but he was unable to corral Kanes pass on a rush to the net. The lost lead at the end of regulation turned into a minor inconvenience for the Blackhawks when Kane finished his second career post-season hat trick. Los Angeles rally began when Williams made strong charge up the left side set up Kings short-handed goal at 9:28 of the second. The Kings tied it 2-2 when Kopitar pushed a rebound through Crawfords legs 3 1/2 minutes into the third. It was Kopitars first point of the series, and he snapped a six-game goal drought. It also was the third power-play goal allowed by the Blackhawks in 58 playoff chances. The tie held until the Blackhawks took advantage of a bad break for the Kings to go in front again. Williams had the puck behind the net when he fell, and Bickell made a slick pass to Kane, who beat Quick to give the Blackhawks a 3-2 lead with 3:52 remaining. "We had some chances but youve got to bury your chances in overtime," Los Angeles defenceman Matt Greene said. "They did a good job. They had a chance, they capitalized and thats it. Its overtime." NOTES: It was the 38th playoff game in the past two seasons for Los Angeles. ... Toews and Bickell each had two assists. ... The Kings previous longest game was a 4-3 double-overtime win at Vancouver on May 11, 1993. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Nike Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Authentic Cheap NHL Jerseys Canada Cheap Nike MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Nike NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Store Cheap Football Jerseys Store Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Jerseys NCAA China Jerseys NFL Cheap Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys ' ' '  
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The Adelaide 36ers have stunned NBL pacesetters the Sydney Kings with a last-gasp 82-80 triumph. Cheap Air Jordan 1 China .Adelaide banked a sixth consecutive win after coming from nine points down at the last change to dethrone the Kings in a thriller on Friday night at Titanium Security Arena.Daniel Johnson netted two clutch free throws in the frenetic final stages to give the 36ers a one-point lead with four seconds remaining in their home fixture.The Kings botched their chance of winning when, in possession, Kevin Lisch rammed into the back of Adelaides Nathan Sobey as the 36er tried to block.Lischs foul denied the visitors a chance to pinch victory as the Kings slipped to their seventh loss of the season for a 10-7 win-loss record.Adelaides sluggish start to the season is a memory, with the 36ers now 8-6 and having played three fewer games than the Kings.Lischs blunder marred an influential game from the King, who led the scoring for his team with 19 points.He also recorded five rebounds and three assists.Adelaide linchpin Jerome Randle netted a game-high 24 points - 15 of them coming in the first half - while Johnsons pressure-cooked late free-throws lifted his game return to 10 points.Sobey potted 15 points for Adelaide, who streeted to a 31-26 lead at quarter-time, with Randle bagging 10 points in a dominant opening.But the influence of the 36ers star import waned in the second stanza as the Kings shut him down and Adelaide were unable to find little scoring power.Sydneys rally silenced the home crowd as the visitors took a 42-41 lead into halftime.The Kings then continued their momentum, stretching to a 65-56 break after the third period.But Adelaide produced a stellar final quarter to pinch the win before another meeting between the clubs in Sydney on Sunday. Cheap Air Jordan 1 For Sale . Now tied for second in the league in shootout goals, the 24-year-old likes to see what the opposing goaltender has in store before he ultimately lands on a move. Air Jordan 1 For Sale . In Europe, top teams seem to be largely happy with their squads after spending nearly $1 billion in the off-season. And although English league clubs are unlikely to splash cash in January, Arsenal and Chelsea could be tempted to strengthen their squads with new strikers. http://www.cheapairjordan1.com/ . "Jeff is a hard worker who was an important special-teams contributor for us last season," said Stamps GM John Hufnagel. NRL finals tensions have boiled over at Red Hill with Brisbane teammates Josh McGuire and Salesi Funaki coming to blows at training on Tuesday.The incident was sparked by an overzealous tackle from McGuire on Funaki, a reserve-grader who has spent the year playing in the Queensland Cup for Wynnum-Manly.McGuire had to be dragged away by teammates while other second-string Broncos, including Herman Eseese, tried to calm Funaki down.It came in the middle of an intense session as Brisbane ramps up preparations for Friday nights clash with North Queensland in Townsville, a rematch of last years grand final.Backrower MMatt Gillett said there was no bad blood between the pair, describing the scuffle as a sign of how seriously the Broncos take their training. Discount Air Jordan 1. turned my back on that and just walked away, he said.Things do get heated at training, thats what its all about.Theyre all good now.Thats the way Moosey plays, he trains the way he plays.It does get a bit fiery out there and people react different.The Broncos will head north after their final training session of the week on Thursday. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Nike Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Authentic Cheap NHL Jerseys Canada Cheap Nike MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Nike NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Store Cheap Football Jerseys Store Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Jerseys NCAA China Jerseys NFL Cheap Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys ' ' '  
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Romelu Lukaku netted his fourth goal in five days to help Everton to a 3-1 victory over a lacklustre Middlesbrough at Goodison Park on Saturday. Wholesale NFL Jerseys .Toffees goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg had fumbled the ball into his own goal to give the visitors the lead after 22 minutes, and it looked like the hosts unbeaten record was under threat.But Ronald Koemans side rallied to score three times before halftime, with Gareth Barry, Seamus Coleman and Lukaku all netting to secure Everton their best start to a season since 1978. The 23-year-old Lukaku had a hat trick in 11 minutes in Evertons 3-0 win over Sunderland on Monday.Middlesbrough came close to breaking the deadlock after just seven minutes when Daniel Ayala was left free at the back post, but he couldnt connect with Gaston Ramirezs free-kick. Everton grew into the game and Ross Barkley -- criticised for his performance last weekend -- saw a fizzing shot parried by Victor Valdes.But the hosts were soon behind in controversial circumstances as Alvaro Negredo barged Stekelenburg when challenging for a hanging cross into the penalty area, his presence causing the Dutchman to fumble into his own net.The lead lasted only two minutes, though, as Barry -- making his 600th Premier League appearance -- reacted quickest to hammer home from close range after Boro failed to clear a corner kick.Two minutes before the break, the Toffees went ahead as Coleman breezed into the box and past Ayala before remaining composed to finish into the bottom right-hand corner.But Everton werent done there. In first-half stoppage time, Lukaku got the slightest of touches to a Yannick Bolasie cross, leaving Valdes flat-footed and Middlesbrough 3-1 down at the interval.Aitor Karanka turned to his bench to try and get back into the game, but David Nugent and Viktor Fischers introductions had no influence on the flow of the match.Everton moved back up to second place in the league, with Lukakus early withdrawal due to a possible injury the only blot on a fine performance. Cheap Minnesota Vikings Jerseys . -- Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson asked his players a simple question during Fridays morning shootaround: How many of them had ever been on a team 14 games over . Cheap Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys . 10 VCU 85-67 on Thursday night at the Puerto Rico Tip-Off. The Seminoles (4-0) have scored at least 80 points in each of their games. http://www.cheapoutletnfljerseys.com/?tag=cheap-pittsburgh-steelers-jerseys .com) - Richie Incognito has reportedly been admitted to a psychiatric care unit in Arizona. LAS VEGAS -- Terence Crawford checks most of the boxes needed to become a boxing superstar.He has become a major ticket seller in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where billionaire businessman Warren Buffett is a big fan and regular attendee of his fights. He has the triumphant backstory of overcoming a difficult upbringing in a rough neighborhood and surviving a gunshot that grazed his skull as a 21-year-old who was in the wrong placed at the wrong time -- counting his winnings after a late-night street dice game.Surviving that scary situation was a seminal moment in Crawfords life.I dont think about it a lot because I like to put it in the past and put it behind me and move on with my life, he said. But sometimes I do think about how I got a second chance and make the best of it.He has certainly done that because inside the ring Crawford also gets it done. He has shown tremendous skills and knockout power and has already won lightweight and junior welterweight world titles. He was the fighter of the year in 2014, knocking out then-unbeaten former featherweight titleholder Yuriorkis Gamboa in a memorable fight of the year contender.He can check another important box by beating the best opponent of his career to unify junior welterweight world titles -- and establish division supremacy -- against dangerous Viktor Postol on Saturday night (HBO PPV, 9 ET) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.This is a very big fight for me at a very critical time of my career, Crawford said. This fight is more meaningful than the Gamboa fight at the moment because this fight can take me to that next level beyond the level that Im on right now. This fight means a lot, and I do look at it as the biggest fight of my career to date.Its a fight that matches undefeated boxers in their primes who are 1-2 in the division, in whichever order one elects to place them. Such pairings are rare. The winner is also on the short list to land a Nov. 5 fight against the great Manny Pacquiao.This fight I think is the best fight certainly thats been offered to date [this year] to fight fans, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said at Wednesdays final news conference. It matches two terrific young fighters, each a champion, each with the same record, 28 wins and no defeats, each holding a belt from their respective organizations.It has everything that great fights have had for all the years Ive been associated with boxing. Ive been in boxing for over 50 years, and Ive been associated with great, great fights. This fight, to me, is up there with any of the fights that Ive promoted.Crawford (28-0, 20 KOs), headlining in Las Vegas for the first time and also making his third title defense, has heard the talk about his potential as a breakout star for the past few years but has remained focused on his preparation rather than reading his clips or listening to fan chatter.There is no pressure on me being looked at as boxings next superstar, but there is a lot of hard work in becoming one, said Crawford, 28. Im really excited to be on the big stage and Im on that big stage because I paid my dues in the gym and in the ring. Thats the reason I have accomplished so much as a fighter -- pride of performance -- and thats why I am going to win on [Saturday].If Im going to solidify my position as the new face of boxing, it starts by unifying the 140-pound division.Brian McIntyre, Crawfords trainer and co-manager with Cameron Dunkin, has been with him for many years and has long been a believer.There is no pressure because its his destiny, McIntyre said. All we have to do is keep on winning. The media and the public will see Terence as the best fighter in the world. I dont care who Postol has in his corner [Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach], there is no way were letting Postol come to our country and taake home Terences title. Authentic NFL Jerseys Store. We are a way better team than they are.We have a deep history with each other and we have the heritage that produces legends as well as champions. Postol cannot beat Terence. And Freddie Roach is going to have a front-row seat to watch his fighter get drilled.Regardless of McIntyres prediction, Postol appears to be the most formidable opponent of Crawfords career.On paper, you could make a case that Postol will be the toughest man I have faced inside the ring, but I wont really know that until I fight him, Crawford said. When I go into camp, I always assume the opponent Im training for will be my toughest test. Its the only way I know how to train.I cannot afford an off night. Its unacceptable and its dangerous. No one is going to give me anything in a fight. I have to earn it the old-fashioned way, and thats by taking the fight to my opponent and winning it. Against Postol, Im not just defending my belt. Im out to take his too. Thats the reason for taking such a tough fight. It is because I wanted to fight the best fighter out there [and] beat the best fighter out there to show that I am the best fighter in the division.Postol, 32, of Ukraine, first announced himself on the world stage in 2014 with an upset against longtime contender Selcuk Aydin, whom he brutally knocked out in the 11th round of a world title elimination fight. Two bouts later, Postol (28-0, 12 KOs) scored another upset, dominating Lucas Matthysse before stopping him in the 10th round of a fantastic performance in October.He does have some good victories, he has a title and he is undefeated, McIntyre said. So if you look at those credentials, you cant ask for a stronger opponent than that for Terence. Both fighters are risking their titles and their undefeated records -- everything that they have worked so hard to earn -- and that is something that appeals to us and appeals to fans who are looking for the best to fight the best. A victory will lead to bigger and tougher tests, and we welcome that too. I know Terence is the best fighter in boxing. We want him to have the opportunities to prove it.Although Postol is a heavy underdog at the MGM sports book, he is a skillful technical boxer whose power has improved since he began training with Roach in 2014. He also has a tremendous jab and, at 5-foot-11, will have a 3-inch height advantage over Crawford.Ive been fighting people taller than me and larger than me all my life, Crawford said. Ive been short for 28 years and I havent been stopped yet. Postol is nothing to me. Hes just another guy that Im fighting. Im not training for Postol, Im training for myself -- to be the best I can possibly be. I do that, then no one can beat me. Im confident in my abilities and I am confident that I am going to destroy Postol.As for the perception that Postol has a dominant jab, Crawford said, Its funny how all of the people are giving Postol all of the credit for his jab but nobody is talking about how good my jab is. So Im loving it. Im loving it. Im loving it how everyone is talking about how good his jab is.Come fight night, Crawford will have the chance to show if he has the better jab. He will also have the chance to continue making his case that he can become a major star.I have worked very hard to get to this point in my career -- to earn the right to headline my first pay-per-view event, Crawford said. Its very exciting, but I need to keep my eye on the ball. This isnt just opening night for a new phase of my career. I want this to be the beginning of a long run as boxings next pound-for-pound star and a worthy successor to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Nike Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Authentic Cheap NHL Jerseys Canada Cheap Nike MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Nike NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Store Cheap Football Jerseys Store Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Jerseys NCAA China Jerseys NFL Cheap Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys ' ' '  
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Following the conclusion of the BMW PGA Championship and with four months to go until the Ryder Cup, we look at who is currently in the race to be part of Darren Clarkes European side at Hazeltine. Air Max 90 Outlet Store . Latest standings The current European Ryder Cup rankings Despite failing to turn a 36-hole lead at Wentworth in to a third victory of the season, Danny Willetts third-place finish sees him extend his advantage at the top of the European Points List ahead of Irish Open champion Rory McIlroy.The biggest move of note over the fortnight has been from BMW PGA Champion Chris Wood, who shot up from eighth in to the third automatic qualifying berth after holding on to finish one clear of Rikard Karlberg. McIlroy and Willett will feature for Europe at Hazeltine British Masters champion Matt Fitzpatrick drops one place to fourth having followed an early exit at the K Club with a tied-47th showing in Surrey, with the gap between him and Andy Sullivan now down to less than 19,000 points.Sullivan is still in a qualification position as things stand, occupying the last of nine places on the world points list as he chases a maiden Ryder Cup appearance. Danny Willett and Andy Sullivan are both well placed to make Ryder Cup debuts this autumn Although Henrik Stenson hasnt played since back-to-back missed cuts on the PGA Tour earlier this month, the Swede lies third in the world list ahead of Justin Rose.Rose withdrew from the BMW PGA Championship due to a back injury, with his advantage over Sergio Garcia cut after the Spaniard claimed AT&T Byron Nelson victory last week.Rafa Cabrera Bello completes the group currently in qualification positions, as he added a solid tied-22nd at Wentworth to a fifth top-10 of the season the previous week. Ryder Cup key questions How the Ryder Cup qualification process works The top four members on the European Points list at the end of August 2016 will automatically secure their spots for Hazeltine, as will the five players not already in the side who have won the highest number of OWGR (Official World Golf Rankings) points over the same time period.Watch every European Tour and PGA Tour event throughout the season live on Sky Sports 4 - your home of golf Also See: Wood claims Wentworth win K Club success for McIlroy Work in progress for Willett Golf live on Sky Sports 4 Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Free Shipping . Scott Kazmir allowed four hits in seven shutout innings, Michael Brantley hit a two-run homer in a three-run first inning and the Indians maintained their hold on an AL wild-card spot with a 4-1 win over the Houston Astros on Saturday night. Cheap Air Max 90 Outlet .ca look back at each of the Top 10 stories of 2013. Today, we look back at Boston Strong - a citys recovery from tragedy. http://www.nikeairmax90outlet.com/ .J. -- Josh Cribbs was in the Pro Bowl in February and out of a job six months later. Women to watch at the U.S. Open, which begins MondayERENA WILLIAMSSeeded: 1Age: 34Country: United States2016 Match Record: 33-52016 Singles Titles: 2Career Singles Titles: 71Major Titles: 22 -- U.S. Open (99, `02, `08, `12, `13, `14), Wimbledon (02, `03, `09, `10, `12, `15, `16), Australian Open (03, `05, `07, `09, `10, `15), French Open (02, `13, `15)Last 5 U.S. Opens: `15-Lost in Semifinals, `14-Won Championship, `13-W, `12-W, `11-Lost in FinalTopspin: A year ago, came within two victories of first calendar-year Grand Slam since Steffi Grafs in 1988, but lost to Roberta Vinci in U.S. Open semifinals. ... Part of Williams years wait for her 22nd major singles title, which she got at Wimbledon last month, equaling Grafs Open-era record. Now seeks No. 23 at Flushing Meadows. ... Can become first woman with seven U.S. Open titles in professional era. ... Will tie Grafs record of 186 consecutive weeks at No. 1 in WTA rankings, but could drop from top spot after U.S. Open.---ANGELIQUE KERBERSeeded: 2Age: 28Country: Germany2016 Match Record: 47-142016 Singles Titles: 2Career Singles Titles: 9Major Titles: 1 -- Australian Open (16)Last 5 U.S. Opens: `15-3rd, `14-3rd, `13-4th, `12-4th, `11-SFTopspin: Could have overtaken Serena Williams at No. 1 in the rankings by winning title on hard courts in Cincinnati this month, but lost in the final. Has another chance to move up to No. 1 for first time, depending on U.S. Open results. ... Very first Grand Slam semifinal appearance came at Flushing Meadows five years ago. ... Beat Williams in Australian Open final in January, then lost to her in Wimbledon final in July. ... Won silver medal at Rio Olympics.---GARBINE MUGURUZASeeded: 3Age: 22Country: Spain2016 Match Record: 28-132016 Singles Titles: 1Career Singles Titles: 3Major Titles: 1 -- French Open (16)Last 5 U.S. Opens: `15-2nd, `14-1st, `13-Did Not Play, `12-1st, `11-DNPTopspin: Won first Grand Slam title at Roland Garros in June, beating Serena Williams in the final. ... One of three players who could take over from Williams at No. 1 after the U.S. Open. Nike Air Max 90 Cheap Wholesale. ... Has a 1/3 career record in New York, but her flat strokes and fearless style should work on the Flushing Meadows hard courts.---VENUS WILLIAMSSeeded: 6Age: 36Country: United States2016 Match Record: 21-112016 Singles Titles: 1Career Singles Titles: 49Major Titles: 7 -- U.S. Open (00, `01), Wimbledon (00, `01, `05, `07, `08)Last 5 U.S. Opens: `15-QF, `14-3rd, `13-2nd, `12-2nd, `11-2ndTopspin: Bowed out of Rio Olympics in first round of singles and doubles, but stuck around for mixed doubles and wound up earning a silver medal with Rajeev Ram. ... Experienced something of a renaissance at Wimbledon, making it to the semifinals at a Grand Slam tournament for the first time since the 2010 U.S. Open. ... Last year at Flushing Meadows, made it to the quarterfinals before losing to her younger sister Serena.---MADISON KEYSSeeded: 8Age: 21Country: United States2016 Match Record: 34-112016 Singles Titles: 1Career Singles Titles: 2Major Titles: 0 -- Best: SF, Australian Open (15)Last 5 U.S. Opens: `15-4th, `14-2nd, `13-1st, `12-DNP, `11-2ndTopspin: Coming off a semifinal run at the Rio Olympics and now settled into the top 10. ... Her power-based game, built around a big serve and forehand, would seem to be better suited to the U.S. Opens hard courts than her results have shown. ... Pulled out of the Connecticut Open tuneup tournament the week before Flushing Meadows with a bad neck.---PETRA KVITOVASeeded: 14Age: 26Country: Czech Republic2016 Match Record: 25-17 (playing in Connecticut Open)2016 Singles Titles: 0Career Singles Titles: 17Major Titles: 2 -- Wimbledon (11, `14)Last 5 U.S. Opens: `15-QF, `14-3rd, `13-3rd, `12-4th, `11-1stTopspin: The U.S. Open is the only Grand Slam tournament where she hasnt reached the semifinals. ... Won a bronze medal in singles at the Rio Olympics, looking quite comfortable on a slow hard court.---Follow Howard Fendrich on Twitter at http://twitter.com/HowardFendrich Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Nike Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Authentic Cheap NHL Jerseys Canada Cheap Nike MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Nike NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Store Cheap Football Jerseys Store Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Jerseys NCAA China Jerseys NFL Cheap Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys ' ' '  
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