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The Starlight Celebration of Final Fantasy XIV will begin on December 16, 2021, and will end on December 31, when Heavensturn will celebrate the New Year. Players of level 15 and above will once again talk to everyone's favorite pink-haired miqo'te Amh Garanjy in the ordinary amphitheater of Old Gridania to start the quest line. And players can try to get more FFXIV Gil.

This time, the prizes include two minions (a Yeti named Rudy and a Squirrel Emperor) and a cute wall-mounted decoration. Starlight Celebration is one of the longest lasting traditions in Final Fantasy XIV, dating back to the first year of 1.0 After Naoki Yoshida's new leadership, it brought a little festive atmosphere.

Until now, the celebration of Final Fantasy XIV has been almost uninterrupted, only missing 2012, because the server was shut down between the first version of the game and the release of A Realm Reborn. 11 years later, we witnessed the rebirth of this game, and then four increasingly successful expansions culminated with Endwalker, creating one of the most exciting FFXIV Gil in the game industry.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC. Users who have the PS4 version can upgrade to PS5 for free. The Endwalker extension was just released a few weeks ago. Players who want to upgrade quickly in the game can Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil in advance.


Final Fantasy XIV still faces a long queue time after the release of Endwalker. The latest expansion of MMORPG entered Early Access on December 2nd, and then was fully released on December 7th. It has been nearly a week, but these login queues have not shortened yet.

Producer and director Naoki Yoshida provided another update on server congestion over the weekend and apologized for the inconvenience caused. Naoki Yoshida explained that FFXIV Gil for the weekend just past was slightly lower than the previous one. However, as the team repaired login errors and increased the upper limit of the login queue, the queue became technically larger and larger. However, players are adapting to server congestion by logging in during quieter times, so this may help them.

Although the team is steadily fixing login errors, Final Fantasy XIV error 2002 is still the most prominent. Yoshida explained that this situation was common before, because it would happen if there were more than 17,000 players in the login queue. The team has managed to increase the login limit, which has alleviated the problem, but due to the strength of the player’s Internet connection, errors may also occur. Although Yoshida recommends that players use hard-wired Internet connections whenever possible, the team currently has no fixes. In addition, the FFXIV Gil earned by players in the game is very beneficial to their upgrades.

Yoshida also admitted errors 90002 and 90006, which reportedly occurred in cutscenes. The team is working on it, but there are currently no updates to share. Final Fantasy XIV made a round of fixes to Endwalker login errors last week, and at least they seem to have paid off. Finally, players are better to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil in advance.


In Final Fantasy XIV, players can use a variety of items including Minions to polish their style. From cute creatures to miniature versions of iconic characters in the game, there are hundreds of FFXIV Gil to choose from.

The Starbird minion is designed based on Meteion, one of the most important characters in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. It will always remind players of their experience in the expanded main scene. There are many exciting storylines in Final Fantasy XIV, and players need to earn as much FFXIV Gil as possible to improve their game strength.

The Starbird minion is very valuable, but it is not easy for players to obtain it, especially because it cannot be purchased or traded on the market board. It can only be obtained as part of the random loot of the level 90 dungeon "The Dead Ends", which is the last in the main scene. Players need to complete the last mission in Ultima Thule to unlock The Starbird minion.

In order to have a better chance of getting The Starbird minion, players can run this dungeon with their trusted teammates. The chance of getting it is small, so players may need to complete it multiple times to get The Starbird minion. At the same time, players need to use Cheap FFXIV Gil to buy the equipment they want, improve their character skills, and make the challenge easier.


In Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, Level Checker appears as a mount that players can obtain. And it is not easy for players to obtain Level Checker Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. Players first need to collect a certain amount of FFXIV Gil to buy the corresponding items.

To force the FATE required by Chi, the player needs to knock down the enemies to obtain the Level Checker mount, which will be generated in the Ultima Thule area of the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. This is the last area of ??the expansion, so players who want to get the mount need to wait until that point in the game. It is recommended that players complete the main scenario mission and unlock all Aether Currents in Ultima Thule.

In order to force Chi to be generated, the player needs to complete a series of FATE. Teleport to Omicron base. If there is an NPC named N-0265, please talk to them to start FATE. After completing these FATEs, Chi will be generated at X: 34.4 and Y: 21.4. The destiny will be named Omicron Recall: Killing Order. In addition, players who want to get Cheap FFXIV Gil can choose IGGM.

Players can team up to participate in the Chi fight, so that they have a better chance of getting a higher level of participation in FATE. High level participation means that more Chi Bolts will be dropped after completing FATE. The more Chi Bolts dropped, the less time the player spends on acquiring the mount. A total of 12 Chi Bolts are required to obtain the Level Checker mount in Final Fantasy XIV.


One of the first areas players visit in the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion is the tropical island Thavnair. The locals of Thavnair painted their buildings with bright colors, a combination of blue, red, yellow and purple. Players need to continuously collect FFXIV Gil in the game.

Three levels, a twisted dungeon, and after a lot of battles, players will find themselves in Ilsabard in the northwest, where the Garlean Empire is located. From the beginning, the empire has been one of the biggest threats to Final Fantasy XIV. This country is built on powerful magic technology, also known as Magitek. But the conspiracy of the evil Zenos yae Galvus left the capital Garlemald in ruins.

This dilapidated city has no color, it is full of dark gray metal and ashes, and it is surrounded by dirty white snow. The chaotic survivors crowded into an underground train station, trying to keep warm and full in desperate situations. For a moment, the player is in a bright and colorful tropical paradise, where life is cherished and celebrated. Next, the player will bring a small army to march towards the center of despair, that is Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

One of the joys of Final Fantasy XIV is that players can play as much as they want. They can be adventurers, gatherers, and craftsmen. Play with friends, or, if the player feels anti-social, take a group of non-player characters into the dungeon. Endwalker is a great story, bringing together old friends from the first three expansion packs. A good balance is achieved between the deadly and dangerous dramatic moments and the quiet moments, through plots to talk to the characters we have gradually understood and loved over the past eight years. In addition, players can choose IGGM to Buy FFXIV Gil.


Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has new areas to explore, new mounts to collect, two new jobs and a new FFXIV Gil, major changes to existing jobs, and more. Like most MMORPG extensions, it has dozens of hours of content to cover, and more content will be provided through a patch soon.

Despite a terrible premise, Endwalker's story begins relatively peacefully. The first 10 hours focus on new areas and new characters that players will interact with, including some relaxing comedy clips and good connections with NPC allies. However, once the player has completed the first dungeon, the story begins to climax. Players will have FFXIV Gil in return as they complete the task.

As for the gameplay, Endwalker follows the same routine as the previous expansion pack Shadowbringers. To unlock new features and content, players must complete the main scene tasks and role tasks. Between these missions, they will perform side missions, battle in dungeons, and conduct elaborate boss battle trials. Reaper is one of two new professions in Endwalker, the other is Sage. Reaper is a melee DPS class that wields a huge sickle and summons a demon called Voidsent Avatar to help players fight.

All these new work changes will be helpful in the next battle, because the enemies and bosses of the Endwalker dungeon and dungeon will go all out, and these monsters will not mess around. They will use every mechanism they learned in all the expansion packs of Final Fantasy XIV to test players. The game also introduces new and old mechanics in an innovative way, catching veterans by surprise. And there will be more forms in the game to help players Buy FFXIV Gil.


For many master players of Final Fantasy XIV, they will want to know where to find the best FFXIV Gil in Endwalker. The job artifact gear is one of them, and then we will introduce how players can unlock the job artifact gear of Endwalker.

The job artifact gear will follow a different system than usual because it targets all jobs instead of the usual Maiming, Healing, Casting and other types of job categories. This will require players to spend more time farming, and they need to Buy FFXIV Gil. Fortunately, it will reward equipment that is more faithful to each job identity.

The only equipment with a higher item level is the Moonward Armor set, which has an item level of 570. It can be purchased from Radz-at-Han's Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism and is not job specific. To unlock the level 90 artifact, the player must reach level 89 and complete Endwalker's last main scenario task "A Bold Decision".

When players do this, they will see a blue sign indicating a new side mission for Old Sharlayan. The NPCs that provide players with side quests to unlock equipment will be located at X:11, Y:9, near the main Aetheryte of the city. Then, as long as the player reaches level 89, they can use FFXIV Gil to purchase the equipment they want. However, the full benefits of this equipment only apply to level 90.


On December 3, the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV launched an early access period, giving players who pre-ordered the game the opportunity to play Endwalker before the December 7 release date. For many players, early access is a kind of patient exercise. The game server has the largest capacity, and the login queue contains more than 4,000 to 8,000 players. If players are in the early access stage and actually gain FFXIV Gil, then they are one of the few people with privileges.

A few days before the start of Early Access, Final Fantasy XIV issued a notice detailing the company's preparations for the inevitable congestion and the techniques for shortening the waiting time. Nevertheless, after Final Fantasy XIV continues to break player records, hours of queuing, disconnection, and player dissatisfaction accompanying these events seem inevitable. During peak hours, the waiting time on popular servers can be as long as 6 to 8 hours.

Final Fantasy XIV game director Naoki Yoshida published several posts over the weekend, apologizing for the long waiting time, explaining that this early access period is the period with the most simultaneous logins in the game's eight-year history. In addition to an overview of what the development team has done to improve stability and alleviate congestion, Naoki Yoshida also announced that it will provide players with 7 days of free game time, and players can collect as many FFXIV Gil as possible.

On the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit, players generally understood the extended waiting time, but expressed disappointment with other errors and player behaviors that exacerbated the already frustrating experience. A post with the highest voter turnout this week explained that players can wait, but they are frustrated that even waiting patiently does not guarantee that they have a chance to play. And, players who want to Buy FFXIV Gil can choose IGGM.


Square Enix released a huge list of Final Fantasy XIV changes, including the upcoming MMORPG expansion package Endwalker. One thing players need to know is that new Viera bunny boys will be lucky enough to be able to Buy FFXIV Gil. In addition, players also spend some FFXIV Gil to buy items in the game.

Endwalker will provide early access to players who pre-order the expansion pack on December 3rd, and will provide regular ol’ Joe Schmoe access to everyone else on December 7th. This is the biggest update of Final Fantasy XIV to date and the culmination of the storyline of A Realm Reborn that began in 2013. But as today’s patch shows, it will also introduce many cool little things between the epic narrative moment and the new curriculum.

All Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to equip Spring, Thavnairian, Maid, Loyal Maid, Butler and Loyal Butler suits, regardless of gender. Another change related to clothing is the removal of belts that are part of the character's wardrobe. After Endwalker is released, belts will no longer be available for purchase, equipment, or trade, but they will still exist in the game.

Aether currents in areas introduced by previous updates will be reduced and reorganized, making it easier to unlock the mount’s ability to fly. The window through which players can combine skills has been added, and the range of healer limit breakthrough has almost doubled. Endwalker will bring players a different gaming experience, they can try to buy FFXIV Gil at IGGM.


We are only a week away from the release of Endwalker, the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, which brings the climax of 10 years of storytelling, including gorgeous new areas, immersive missions, epic dungeons, raids, and more. Here are all the preparations players have made for the release of Endwalker on December 7.

Shadowbringers introduces a new type of mission called Role Quests, which replaces the storyline of a single professional mission, but provides a story experience adjacent to the main mission, dedicated to each character in Final Fantasy XIV: Tank , Healer, Melee DPS, and Ranged DPS. Players must complete at least a series of Role Quests to make progress in Shadowbringers’ Main Story Quest. Starting at level 70, all character missions are unlocked in Crystarium.

Role Quests will return in Endwalker, and although they no longer need to make progress in Main Story Quest, players may be interested in the narrative they provide. Therefore, we recommend that players complete other Role Quests other than the main task. The new Role Quests are divided into five independent mission lines, and now provide a separate mission experience for Ranged DPS and Caster DPS. Players who successfully challenge the mission will Buy FFXIV Gil.

For the first few levels of Endwalker, players will get equipment with a lower level than the currently highest equipped item in Shadowbringers. According to the previous expansion, once players reach level 85 or so, they can start to increase their item levels. Although it is not necessary to have the best items, players may still want to bring some good equipment into Endwalker. For example, they can choose a reliable website to buy FFXIV Gil to help them upgrade and complete the dungeon more easily.

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