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Chinese startup technology Davinci Tech, has worked in the last seven years on the design of its first electric motorcycle with the aim of offering "the smoothest, safest and most enjoyable driving experience in the sector".The first prototype submitted underwent a series of changes, reformulations and improvements, all the way to the final solution that will reach production and will be known as DC100.To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

The manufacturer describes DC100 as a "two-wheeled robot" because it is equipped with a large number of sophisticated electronic sensors, whose function is to maintain the safety and efficiency of this electric motorcycle at the highest possible levels.All these systems, as well as the electric motor and battery, are under a voluminous caress that gives it a vanguard aspect.

The electronic complex of DC100 provides the ability to observe in TFT the positioning of the motorcycle, as well as to check the temperature conditions, both environment, battery and engine.It has a series of gyroscopic sensors, usually present in high-performance bikes, which determine factors such as slope, slope angle and curve.

In addition, Davinci DC100 incorporates a driving assistance function to allow soft starts and to ensure handling in low-speed situations.As in an automatic car, the driver can select the position "D" in the gear change, which allows the bike to move automatically at a speed of 7 km/h.

Sensors can also detect slopes and slopes, which allow us to know whether we are an up or down, configure the traction system to increase their performance, or initiate the automatic engine braking system respectively.The latter also includes an energy recovery system, which marginally recharges the battery while slowing down and locking, also perfectly the same as an electric car.

In order to facilitate parking and manoeuvrability, DC100 also has an additional reverse gear change, a welcome and necessary resource considering the size and weight of the vehicle.It also has a traction control system in which sensors measure the difference between wheel speeds and cut the power as soon as they detect that the rear wheel begins to skid.

For the time being, the Chinese manufacturer has not yet revealed the specifications of the electric motor and the battery of DC100.It only mentions the goal of including a fast charging system capable of recovering up to 85% of battery in just fifteen minutes, one of the fastest charging times in the market for electric motorcycles.DC100 updates will be implemented by computer (NATO) so that owners can easily update their motorcycle with the latest software without having to go to a workshop.

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We left the most interesting function at the end because Da Vinci is "soon" to provide the DC100 motorcycle with the opportunity to play a jogging companion.We are talking about an automatic balancing system using an electronic steering wheel and a six-axis IMU, i.e. an inertial navigation unit.The updates are also intended to introduce the automatic arrival of the motorcycle to the owner after "calling it" in the application.To get more news about DC100, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

It is also very interesting that Da Vinci intends to make the code available by opening API interfaces in the system.What's the point?Of course, to "enable creative programmers to develop and share new features" for DC100 motorcycles.

For an electric motorcycle Da Vinci DC100 will gladly come to pay 27500 dollars, but if one does not intend to ride on such an integrated model, the company also offers a version of DC Classic with less paddles, more shiny elements, with calfskin seats at the price... 90000 dollars.

freeamfva Oct 20 '21 · Tags: davincitech